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  • 2021/22 Shakopee Online Registration Open Until May 4

    In an effort to best meet the varying needs of our students and families, Shakopee Public Schools is working on providing an online learning option next year for students in grades 1-12. Like this year, Shakopee Online will be a year-long, full-time program that provides equitable educational opportunities and exceptional online learning experiences for registered students. The program will only be offered if there is a sufficient number of students registered by May 4. The formal decision on whether Shakopee Online will be available for grades 1-12 will be announced on May 10. 

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  • April 20, 2021

    Recently, the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial was announced. While this verdict serves as the formal decision for this trial, it does not erase the trauma of the killing of George Floyd. It also doesn’t diminish the pain experienced by many in relation to this event, and from a number of other similar events, including the recent killing of Daunte Wright. 

    There are likely a variety of feelings and concerns amongst our staff, students, families and the greater community. As always, we want to continue to provide a safe and supportive environment for each of our students and staff members as they process the outcome of the trial and other significant societal events.  

    We understand that teachers and support staff hold very close relationships with students, and work with one another every day. Through the combined efforts of our counselors, crisis teams, principals, teachers, and others, various forms of support are being provided, as developmentally appropriate, in each of our schools. Each school will be sending its own communication today which will contain more in the way of details regarding these forms of support, and how such supports can be accessed. 

    As always, we want to continue to work in partnership with our families to provide the best support possible for each and every student in our school district. 


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