• Maikkula


    Andrea Maikkula
    Hi! My name is Andrea Maikkula (Mike-ah-la) and I am excited to be part of the Sun Path second grade team! More importantly, I am THRILLED to be your teacher! It’s going to be a fun year with lots of learning and new adventures. I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us. 

    I have been teaching for 11 years.  This will be my fourth year in second grade as I previously taught first grade for 7 years right here at Sun Path! I truly LOVE it. I enjoy second graders because they grow and learn so much throughout the entire year. They are also so much fun to be around!

    I am married and have 2 children.  We are expecting our third child in the very beginning of September.  Our oldest son is Brody.  He will be a first grader this school year.  Levi is our other son and he will be 4 in September as well.  They both love hearing all about you guys!  We also have a little white maltipoo dog named Sadie. 

    I am so excited to be your teacher and for you to be part of this AWESOME class we have lined up in Room 121. This is going to be a great year!