Did You Know?

  • Volunteer Program Facts
    Involving families and community members in the education process is key to the success of our students. See the most recent data collected in our Volunteer and Community Resource Annual Report

    Fact: Each year more than 1900 parents, grandparents, retires, business people and community members make a difference in the lives of our students by volunteering.

    Fact: During the 2015-16 school year, volunteers contributed more than 29,000 documented hours of service, sharing generously of their talents in a broad range of programs and services.

    Fact: We recognize that numerous volunteer work hours go undocumented each year due to the nature of some volunteer efforts. In addition to the documented hours listed above, many volunteer hours served by booster clubs and parent groups go untracked each year.

    Fact: The School District is especially appreciative of the work and support from the parent groups at each of the school sites. These tireless volunteers offer unique skills and individual contributions, and provide cost-effective ways to expand and enhance programs that would not otherwise be possible.

    Fact: The School District values its many cooperative relationships and partnerships with businesses and civic organizations. Their commitment to our schools plays a significant role in the education of our young people.