Each week, a student will be featured as our "Star of the Week!" When it is your child's turn to be "Star of the Week," I will send home information in his/her Round-Trip Folder.  This information will be sent home on the Friday before your child's "star" week. The "Star of the Week" will fill out a poster at home which will be shared on Monday and then displayed in our classroom. In addition, your child will be doing something special each day during the week.  Here is what the "Star of the Week" will be doing each day:
    Monday: Share the "Star of the Week" poster.
    Tuesday: Bring in a favorite book to share with the class.  He/She can read a small part of the book or can give a brief summary.
    Wednesday: A family member (or members) will write a note about their child and sent it to school. Mrs. Larsen will share the letter with the class. The note can share something unique, special, or interesting about your child. It is a great way to share the reasons why your child is so important to your family!
    Thursday: The "Star of the Week" may bring in one special item to show to the class. The "Star" can share why it is important. It must fit in his/her backpack.
    Friday: The "Star's" parent(s) are invited to join him/her for lunch at school and can read a book aloud to the class!