• Ms. McCloskey's Class Homework Policy

    Homework gives students to opportunity to practice a newly learned concept, plan ahead on upcoming projects, as well as provide time to revise or edit a project.  With that being said, homework may vary for students based on what that student needs. I encourage parents to check their child’s planner each night for what your student may need to practice, or may be planning ahead on. I will also be checking planners each morning with students.  Homework is not the basis of your child's grade. They will be graded based on assessments done in class. 


    When Homework Will Be Assigned:

    Word Study: Spelling at the fifth grade level focuses more on a Word Study. We delve deeper into lerning meanings of pre-fixes and suffixes, as well as Greek and latin roots.  Students will get a list on Mondays.  The words for the week will be tested on Fridays. During the week students will be learning how to use the word study skill to create and understand the meaning of new words. With our spelling program students will also get a 2-3 page pink packet on Tuesdays to help students practice the skill, as well as associate other words with that spelling pattern or suffix skill.  Students will always be given time in class on Tuesday and Wednesday to work on their pink packets.  If students do not finish in class, or they want to check it over at home with a parent they may bring it home.  Word Study packets are due on Wednesdays each week. Word Study packets account for 40% of the Spelling grade, and the remaining 60% of the grade will be from assessments.

    Reading: Most of the Reading will be done in class, with the exception of Independent Reading, and Reading Projects. We practice a skill in depth for three weeks.  During these three weeks, students will practice nonfiction texts with these skills, Literature Circle work (assigned reading pages and a job) to prepare for discussions, and some written reading responses in their journals.  Time will be provided in class for these, but students may need to bring work home to finish by due date.  Information will be sent home communicating monthly or quarterly reading projects that may be ongoing, and require parents to check in with students.  Students will be given a required number or chapter books and genres to read each quarter. Students will have a weekly independent reading log to keep them reading.

    Writing:  Students will also be participating in some creative writing, as well as a Lab Writing Classroom this year.  Students will be working on grammar throughout the year and be working on written responses as they are introduced to various text structures in reading, science and social studies classes.  Students will follow a writing workshop model in which students will be taking ownership of where they are in the writing process. 

     Math: Students will have independent math work daily, but may get a lot of it done in class during math workshop.  Math workshop allows time for questions from the previous day’s lesson before introducing the new concept.  If a student demonstrates they know the material they will be given a challenge assignment, project, or an opportunity to go deeper on the current concept.  With that being said, math homework can vary for each student based on what they need for that day.  Students will always be given a few spiral review problems to keep them practicing for MCA’s.  Please check your child’s planner each day to see what homework he or she may have in math. 

    Social Studies and Health: Our Social Studies year begins with Native American studies. Then we move on to Explorers and work our way through the American Revolution to the establishment of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Social Studies work typically gets completed at school. It is rare to have homework, unless it is studying for a quiz or test. Certain times during the year students may need to do some extra work at home on a Social Studies project, such as their totem pole or tension globes. Health units are taught during third and fourth quarters in 1-2 week increments. Fifth graders will cover Human Growth and Development, as well as Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco. 

    Science:  Students will be given a workbook for Science that they will write in and do their daily work and experiments.  Our Science curriculum begins by exploring how scientists work. From there we move on to the engineering process to design solutions to problems.  We will continue learning with topics such as cells, DNA, ecosystems, the Earth's surface, and forces of motion. Students will have Science homework about once per week which includes a green sheet, and a few pages in their science workbook.