Reading Strategies

  • READING STRATEGIES to use at home with your child...

    Read Every Night!  Read at least 15 minutes every night.  Your child may read to you, you can read to your child, or you can share a book and take turns reading.  Try to change it up!

    When reading at home with your child, keep these pointers in mind:

    • Take a picture walk and make predictions about what may happen in the book
    • Stop every once in a while and ask your child to retell the story.  If heshe has trouble, go back and reread or ask the child questions to help with retelling
    • Stop every once in a while and ask your child to predict what may happen next
    • Encourage your child to ask questions while he/she reads
    • After reading, talk about the story or chapter.  Ask what your child liked or disliked, compare characters, or ask if the book reminded him/her of another book he/she has read.

    When your child comes across an unknown word, try these strategies:

    • Get your mouth ready to say the word
    • Does that word look like any other words you know?
    • Is there a chunk in the word that you know? (example: and in the word stand)
    • Stretch the word out
    • Does the word make sense after you try it.

    Have fun with reading and model reading at home!  Show your child that reading is important. Talk with your child...oral language helps build vocabulary.