Math Games



    4 people, 1 deck of cards – remove kings, jacks are 11 and queens are 12 , 2 dice

    Deal entire deck out to players

    Players line cards up in front of them - face up

    Player 1 rolls dice and flips over card(s) that make that number

    If player cannot make that number, that number goes to the next person until someone can make the number and flip over cards.  Whoever makes that number gets to roll again and play continues.  If no player can make a number, the original roller rolls again for a different number

    Winner is the first player to flip over all cards


    Get a deck of cards.  Remove the 10's, J's, Q's, and K's.  
Lay your cards out, face up, in two rows of 5 (10 cards facing up all together)
Then distribute the rest of your deck so that the cards are all laying up in 10 piles.
Now look for two numbers that make ten.  When you find a pair that makes ten, take them off the pile and flip them over.  Keep going until you have flipped over all of the cards!  (The point of the game is to practice finding two numbers that make ten!)
    TIC TAC 10

    1 deck of cards – remove the 10’s and face cards, 2 players

    Each player draws a tic-tac-toe grid on his paper.  Shuffle cards and place them face down between you.  Player one takes the top card and writes that number in the top box on the grid. Player two does the same thing. Player one turns over the next card and decides if it is a number that could be added to the number already on his grid to make 10.  If the second number drawn cannot be added to make 10, that number is written in the second box on the top row and the turn is over.  If the two numbers add up to 10, the new number is written below the first number and 10 is written below that.  Then a line is drawn through all of the numbers and the player says “Tic-Tac-10”

    The game continues in the same manner.  When the top three boxes of the grid are filled, the second line is begun.  If the number drawn cannot make 10, the player must pass and the next player takes a turn.  The game continues with each player trying to get a 10 first.  Or the game continues and the first person to fill his entire grid is the winner.

    10’s GO FISH

    1 deck of cards – remove the 10’s and face cards.  Play just like Go Fish except instead of making pairs, you make sets of numbers that equal 10!  The person with the most pairs wins!