• Liability 
    When enrolling in a Shakopee Community Education program, you agree to the following: 
    I hereby release, absolve, and hold harmless Shakopee Community Education and School District #720, its officers, employees and agents from any damage resulting from an injury incurred by me or my child while participating in the above mentioned programs. I understand Shakopee Community Education and School District #720 assumes no responsibility before during or after the program. By enrolling in the class, I am allowing photos or videotapes of my me or child to be displayed publicly in school district publications or communications.
    Refund Policy
    Full refunds are given when community education cancels a class If you cancel your registration one week BEFORE the class begins, we will refund you the class fee, less a $5 processing fee.  No refunds will be given on or after the class/event start date.
    Reasonable Accommodations
    Shakopee Community Education provides reasonable accommodations for individuals to effectively participate in classes, programs and events. If you or your child requires support or assistance to participate and/or communicate during a class, program or event, please contact Community Education at 952-496-5029.  To allow ample time for us to meet your needs, contact us at least three weeks prior to the activity start date. Examples include sign language interpreter, support person to provide assistance for a child, assistive listening kit, accessible meeting location, etc.
    Fee Reduction Policy
    Fees for community education adult and youth enrichment classes may be reduced if you are a District 720 resident. For families experiencing financial hardship, each immediate family member may receive up to a 50% fee reduction on one eligible community education class per catalog.  Fees will not be reduced for trips, tours, college classes or driver's education. 
    Senior Citizen Discount
    Senior citizens, ages 55 and up, can take one community education class per catalog for up to half price, unless otherwise noted.  Certain classes such as Senior Driving classes, trips and tours are exempt from this discount.  Contact our office to verify which classes are eligible for the discount.
    Youth Enrichment Program Late Pick-Up Fee
    Please respect the scheduled ending class/activity times. Participants need to be picked up by a responsible adult as soon as the scheduled class/activity time is over. A $5.00 fee will be charged and invoiced after 15 minutes and $2.50 for each additional five minutes that the child remains at the youth enrichment class space supervised by the instructor/leader. The late pick-up fee will be enforced no matter who is scheduled to pick up your child. If you know you will be late picking up your child, please call ahead so the teacher knows this in advance.
    Inclement Weather
    Cancellations that are due to inclement weather are announced on local media outlets, online at www.shakopee.k12.mn.us or you can call us at 952-496-5029.
    Minnesota Tax Credit Information
    Minnesota K-12 Education Subtraction and Credit offers education tax subtraction and credit for families whose children participate in after school enrichment programs. Some community education classes qualify for this program.  Here are some of the qualifications:
    * only the cost of the instruction qualifies for subtraction or credit
    * in order to apply for the credit or deduction, families must have evidence they have paid the amount indicated. If you have questions, please call the Minnesota Individual Income Tax Division at 1.800.652.9094.