Shakopee Teacher Induction Program

  • Facilitating Positive Professional Growth Experiences

    Induction is an ongoing process of providing support and staff development over 3-5 years. The Shakopee Induction Program provides support for new and non-tenured staff during their first three years in the district.
    In the first year, inductees participate in 40 hours of staff development through pre-school workshop and developing a professional relationship with a one-on-one colleague mentor. Among other roles, Shakopee mentors serve as resources, coaches, and collaborators.
    New staff also visit demonstration classrooms, participate in data-driven conversations with mentors, and engage in reflective practice based on the Shakopee Performance Review professional standards.
    Mentors attend training each August. During the school year, mentors meet regularly with inductees based on their individual experiences and needs. Mentors also conduct informal walkthroughs. Walkthroughs are non-evaluative observations focused on teaching and learning. Walkthrough conversations are based on professional standards and designed to promote reflective practice and support open dialogue in a professional school culture.
    In the second and third years, inductees participate in 32 and 24 hours of staff development, respectively. Instructional Coordinators and other support personnel, including literacy and high potential coordinators, provide structured staff development and classroom support throughout the district. Inductees create personalized professional development plans (PDPs) and select staff development activities, including professional growth opportunities (PGOs) based on individual needs. As a continuation of the mentor relationship, Phase II and III inductees engage in coaching conversations through the Shakopee Coaching Program, another research-based component of our induction support system.