At Home Learning Ideas

  • On occasion, "formal" homework or family fun projects will be sent home. However, I truly feel the best thing you can do with your child at home is to read with them and spend time with them!! You can find easy readers on or at your local library. 
    Here are some additional ideas of activities you can do with your child at home:
    • Again, read, read, read to your child! The biggest factor of a child's future academic success is directly related to how much a child is read to at home at an early age.
    • Share lots of conversation with you child. Children need to hear language and be familiar with the rhythm and rhyme of speech through stories, books, and poems (especially nursery rhymes).
    • We write a lot at school. Please encourage your child to practice good handwriting. Watch for proper pencil grip and forming letters the correct way. This typically means starting the letters AT THE TOP and PULLING DOWN. Have him/her print his/her first name with a capital letter first and then all the rest lower case letters.
    • Encourage your child to write and draw his/her ideas. Reading and writing are learned together in a balanced literacy approach.  Writer's workshop begins this fall. We promote the writing process having children listen to the sounds of the word they're writing - stretching it out by saying it slowly - and writing down the sounds they hear. If a child can write it, (s)he can read it! We are not concerned with conventional spelling in kindergarten. 
    • Simply playing board games and card games at home, counting out loud, and noticing numbers around you will also help your child learn basic math skills such as identifying numerals, rote counting, number sets, more/less, and much more!
    • Have your child help you write a grocery list!
    • Count steps when you go places!

    *The most important thing is to make learning exciting! It should be fun, and not seem like a chore! Turn it into a game, and have fun with it!