• Physical activity for all children is important.  We are therefore implementing a walking/running program called the Feelin’ Good Mileage Club.  The Feelin’Good Mileage Club provides opportunity for all children, grades 1st-5th, to walk/run for fitness.  The Mileage Club will be held during the lunch recess, PE class, or other times throughout the school day.  The program will close once there is snow on the track and start up again in the Spring when the weather gets nicer and the path is open. 

    Your child needs no special equipment to participate.  We just ask that the students dress appropriately for the weather and wear tennis shoes when participating.  Each child is free to walk as little or as much as he/she desires in the designated time. For each 5 miles walked/run, your child will receive a Toe Token to place on his/her shoes.  At each 10 miles, he/she will receive a special toe token from the PE teachers.  Thank you to the PTO for assisting in purchasing the Toe Tokens for students to earn.