• Shakopee Athletics and Activities Fund (AAF)

    To help ensure a competitive edge for athletics and activities in the Shakopee School District, the Shakopee Alumni Association has created the SAA Athletics and Activities Fund. This permanent legacy funding source, administered by the Shakopee Alumni Association, will make possible extraordinary opportunities for coaches, activity advisors, and students in athletics and activities - opportunities beyond and separate from the schools' normal operating budget. 
    Why support the athletics and activities? 

    Students in today’s world have a multitude of opportunities in athletics and activities.  It has become an expectation that these opportunities be provided by the local schools.  Through these multiple offerings students are learning life-long skills in the area of time management, teamwork, perseverance, dedication, commitment and beyond.  Athletics and Activities provide an additional sense of being for many students, while others it is simply an extension of the classroom.  Survey and research results over many years continue to prove that students involvement in high school athletics and activities:

    1.     Improve the GPA of those involved

    2.     Provides a higher graduation rate

    3.     Have a higher level of self-esteem

    4.     Understand the value of a strong work ethic

    5.     Provides a sense of winning and losing with grace

    Families continue to look for increased opportunities for their children outside the normal school day.  Schools providing these opportunities have a greater sense of commitment and dedication to the overall development of today’s youth.  Supporting athletics and activities is providing increased opportunities for the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.