• Mrs. Konietzko’s Class Schedule: 2020-21

    9:30-9:50 am- Morning Meeting (code: jc120)

    9:50-10:15 am– Morning Tasks/Math Routines 10:15 am- Math

    11:15-11:35 am- Lunch (in gym)

    schedule 11:40am- Read Aloud (optional: code: jc120)

    12-12:30 pm- Recess (Group C on playground)

    12:30 pm-Phonics

    1:00 pm- Writing

    1:40 pm- Whole Group Reading

    2-3 pm- Targeted Reading Block (snack)

    3:00-3:05pm – End of the Day Routines

    3:10 pm Dismissal