• Vision, Mission and Goals for the Shakopee Public Schools Wellness Program


    Vision Statement –To promote an educational setting that supports healthy lifestyle choices by valuing individual health and creating a supportive community.


    Mission Statement –To create a healthy body, mind and future by supporting a desire for healthy lifestyle choices for our staff and students. 


    Goals of Wellness Program:

    1. To increase health awareness amongst staff.

    Objective 1:  The wellness program will focus in a different health theme(s) each month in order to provide a well-rounded wellness program and reach out to the various needs, interests and risks of our population. 

    Objective 2:  The wellness team will create and distribute a handout (Wellness Beats) that includes information on the monthly wellness theme/programs/activities to the mailbox of each Shakopee Public Schools employee during the first week of each month.

    1. To promote healthy lifestyle behaviors through educational and outreach activities.

    Objective 1:  Each month, the wellness program will offer programs/activities for staff geared towards the health theme(s) of the month.

    Objective 2:  The wellness program will provide monthly ideas for “Wellness Wednesdays”, where teachers can incorporate simple wellness activities into their classrooms to improve both staff and student wellness.

    1. To increase participation in wellness programs.

    Objective 1:  There will be a monthly communication (Wellness Beats) from the Wellness Team to encourage employee participation in the wellness programs.   

    Objective 2:  Each building will designated a wellness rep for the wellness team.  The wellness rep is responsible for attending wellness meetings and distributing wellness materials to the mailboxes of the staff in their building.

    Objective 3:  A Facebook page will be developed by the wellness team as a place to communicate wellness-related information, photos, etc.

    Objective 4:  A district wellness page will be added in order to communicate wellness-related information to staff.