•  Thank You
    Our kindergarten classroom has been very fortunate to receive several grants to enhance student learning. I write these grants so our classroom is able to have the tools and manipulatives necessary in order for students to practice learned skills. We are fortunate to have organizations within our school community, along with supportive parents and community members, who have funded these grants.
    Saying thank you doesn't seem like it is enough, but besides saying thank you over and over again, I can tell you for certain, your donations do not go unappreciated or unnoticed; they are used each and every day by eager 5 + 6 year olds who are becoming more and more passionate about their own learning. Without these donors, our learning environment would look and feel different. Thank you again, and please don't hesitate to reach out to see how we continue to use these donations inside our classroom!
    Please continue to read below about who these organizations are (click on the blue link) and how they have contributed to room 235's learning atmosphere.

    Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation (SEEF)

    • 2018: SEEF purchased a variety of math center manipulatives and resources to enhance student number sense and support the district AVMR training
    • 2019: SEEF purchased a light table and manipulatives to support new learning


    Jackson PTO
    • 2018: Jackson PTO purchased two Square Pandas for each classroom.