Credits, Policies & Procedures

  • Registration procedure:
    All HS students will receive Summer School invitation in their homeroom classes on Wednesday May 1st. Students who received an “F” for required English, Math, Science, or Social Studies classes during the school year and who have NOT already recovered their failed credit(s) are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to register for summer school in order to stay on track to graduate.  To register for Summer School follow the instructions on the invitation letter. 

    Students who register will receive a confirmation letter by June 8th with information about their classes, teachers and bussing if applicable.  Students will also receive a Continual Learning Plan on the first day of summer school which will need to be signed, dated and returned to their classroom teacher.

    Class Cancellation and Class Size:
    Class will be cancelled if fewer than 15 students register.

    Students will use Apex online curriculum to recover credits.  Most APEX courses are prescriptive, meaning, students are able to test out of coursework already mastered by scoring above 80% on unit pre-tests.  Most students are able to complete 1 credit per summer school session. 

    Credits are pass/fail. 

    Attendance policy:
    Students are required to attend class on time every day.   Students who miss a class or are late may be removed from their summer school class for the remainder of the session. 

    Behavior policy:
    Any student who has a behavior incident will be asked to leave for the remainder of summer school session.  Incidents include but are not limited to: fighting, insubordination, plagiarism, disrespectful or disorderly conduct, chemical use.