General Classroom Information

  • Mrs. McGuire’s Fast Facts About Second Grade


    Contact Information

    The best way to reach me is by emailing me at  I will be sure to respond to everyone within a 24-hour period, during the school week.  If you have an emergency or need to contact me about the way your child is getting home from school, please contact Emily or Carrie in the office at 952-496-5892.  This ensures that I will get the message before the day is over. Some days I don't check my email until after school is over.


    Students should arrive between 8:00am-8:20 am. When they arrive they can go to breakfast by entering the school on the lower level or following the sidewalk around to the playground. When the bell rings at 8:20 students may enter the school.  Upon arriving at the door students will enter the room, hang up their belongings, put their folders and papers away then begin morning work.


    Dismissal is at 3:06 pm. Students will be dismissed from the classroom at 3:06 pm.

    Round Trip Folder and Homework:

    Reading-Book Bags




    Frequency Words

    Orange Round Trip Folder

    Each day your child will bring home an orange round trip folder.  This folder should be going to and from school every day. In this folder, you will find important information from me or the school as well as your child’s homework. 

    There are two pockets in this folder, things on this right side should be completed and returned to school.  On the left side - left at home, these things should be removed each night.


    • Math (15-20 minutes/per night)
      • This year the goal for your child to build his/her math fluency.  This means that your child will become more automatic in knowing his/her addition and subtraction facts 1-20.
        • Math Game Ideas for Home:
          • Top-It using a deck of cards (this game was taught in math)
          • Make-A-Ten with a deck of card (this game was taught in class)
          • Flashcards
          • Have your child practice counting change up to $2.00
          • Have your child practice looking at an analog clock to tell the time to the hour, half-hour, and minute
        • Math Websites:
        • Math Apps For Home:
          • Mathtopia for iphone/ipad (lite version: free; full version: $3.99
          • Mystery Math Museum for iphone/ipad ($3.99)
          • Mystery Math Town  for iphone/ipad ($3.99)
          • Math Doodles ($2.99)
          • Let’s Do the Math for Android (free)
          • Thinking Blocks Multiplication for iphone/ipad (free)
          • Math Bingo for iphone/ipad ($0.99)
    • Reading (20 minutes/per night)
      • This year the goal for your child is to build his/her reading fluency and comprehension.

    High-Frequency Words

    There are 300 high-frequency words that we expect second grades to be able to read and write by the time they leave second grade. Your child will be assessed on these words each quarter.  Your child worked on the first 150 words in first grade.


    Be sure to send a nutritious snack with your child every day because there will be a few minutes set aside every morning for them to eat it. Sometimes second graders get the words "snack" and "treat" confused.  A few snack ideas are crackers, fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, etc. These snacks are meant to fuel their body and help with focus and learning. If they bring items such as fruit snacks, candy, brownies, donuts, sugared cereal, etc., I will ask them to save those "treats" for after school. Also, juice is not allowed in the classroom for snack break, your child is welcome to drink water from a water bottle. Please note that we are a peanut-free classroom.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANYTHING WITH NUTS. Thank you for helping keep all students safe and healthy.

    Here is a list of ideas of healthy snacks

    * pretzels

    * popcorn

    * cheese stick

    * fresh fruit

    * yogurt (remember a spoon)

    * graham crackers

    * animal crackers

    * ritz crackers

    * vegetables

    * raisins/craisins

    * cereal bar

    * yogurt covered raisins 

    * rice cakes

    Star of the Week

    Each week, a student will be featured as our "Star of the Week!" When it is your child's turn to be "Star of the Week," I will send home information in his/her Round-Trip Folder.  This information will be sent home on the Thursday before your child's "star" week. The "Star of the Week" will fill out a poster at home. The poster will be shared on Monday and then displayed in our classroom. In addition, your child will be doing something special on different days during the week.  If there are only four days in the week we will adjust accordingly.

    Here is what the "Star of the Week" schedule looks like:

    Monday: Share the "Star of the Week" poster.


    Tuesday: Bring in a favorite book to share with the class.  He/She can read a small part of the book or can give a brief summary.


    Wednesday: A family member (or members) will write a note about their child and sent it to school. I will share the letter with the class. The note can share something unique, special, or interesting about your child. It is a great way to share the reasons why your child is so important to your family!


    Friday: The "Star of the Week" may bring in one special item to show to the class. The "Star" can share why it is important. It must fit in his/her backpack.


    If you have questions about what to bring, please ask me in advance, we do have some allergies in our classroom.  Birthday treats are optional, but if your child chooses to bring them, please have enough for all of the children in the class.  Other options besides food include pencils, party favors, and stickers.

    Water Bottles

    Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle to keep in their locker.  Your child will have the opportunity to fill it up every morning when they come into the classroom.  Water bottles will be sent home on Friday to be cleaned. If the water bottle is distracting your child from learning, the child will be asked to keep the water bottle at home.

    Lunch Money

    You may send lunch money to school with your child if it is in an envelope labeled with their name and lunch number or you may also pay on-line. If you notice a “lunch” stamp on your child’s hand, that means the lunch account is showing a balance of $10 or less. If your child wants to bring lunch from home, he/she may purchase milk for 50 cents or have it deducted from his/her lunch account. 


    My webpage is a great place to find helpful links and answers to your questions.  You can access the page by going to

    If your child is going to absent from school please email me or call the school attendance line at 952-496-5893


    We love our volunteers at Sun Path!

    There are many opportunities to come in and volunteer throughout the year.

     Please make sure you have an updated background check before volunteering.  A new one needs to be filled out each year. For more information and background check form, visit Sun Path Elementary webpage and click on "Volunteer at Sun Path" on the left-hand side of the page under quick links. I will ask for volunteers for special events.  This usually involves a field trip, party, program, or art project. This can be a good way to be involved if you can't volunteer on a regular basis and need advance notice to make arrangements.

     If you are interested in coming in on a regular basis, please contact me to discuss what works best for you and your schedule.

    Mrs. McGuire’s 

    2019-2020 Daily Schedule

    8:20-8:35 am

    Arrival - Morning Work

    8:35-8:55 am

    Morning Routines and Meeting

    9:00-9:20 am

    Core Reading


    Break - Snack 

    9:35-10:25 am

    Targeted Reading - Daily 5

    10:30-11:00 am

    Theme - Social Studies, Science, Health

    11:00-11:50 am



    Read Aloud

    12:05-12:20 pm

    12:20-12:40 pm



    12:50-1:05 pm

    Bathroom Break

    1:00-2:10 pm


    2:10-3:00 pm


    3:00 pm

    Stack & Pack

    3:06 pm



    Mrs. McGuire’s 

    2019-2020 Specialist Schedule




    Music - Ms. Peoples


    Phy Ed - Mr. Hack


    Music - Ms. Peoples


    Phy Ed - Mr. Hack


    Art - Mrs. Hall


    Media - Mrs. Arvin


    Music - Ms. Beckler


    Phy Ed - Mr. Koenig


    Art - Mrs. Hall


    Phy Ed - Mr. Hack