• ABC  get to know me! 
    Auntie to one adorable niece and two cute nephews: Maggie, Vinny + Walter.
    Baking is a favorite hobby.
    Cake or pie you ask? Why not both?! I love vanilla or chocolate cake + apple pie. 
    Did you know I love to cheer on all of the Minnesota sports teams? I am looking forward to spending some time down at United Bank Stadium to root for the Vikings, and I especially love going to Target Field to support the Minnesota Twins! 
    Escuela de Guadalupe, located in Denver, CO, is where I did a portion of my student teaching + I absolutely loved it.
    Family + friends are extremely important to me.
    Glass is always half full, not half empty. :) 
    Holidays of Thanksgiving + Christmas hold some of my favorite traditions + memories with my family.
    Ice creams of choice: oreo, vanilla with hot fudge or cookie dough. Hey, what can I say, I love ice cream! 
    Jobs I had before becoming a teacher: nanny + waitress.
    Kate is what my family + closest friends call me. 
    Lion King is my all time favorite Disney movie.
    March is the month I was born.
    Number of years I've been teaching: 6. 
    On crisp fall days, I like going for walks outside, watching football or soccer games + being by the fire making s'mores. 
    Purple is my favorite color. 
    Quesadillas + fruit are my go to snacks--separate, of course! 
    Reading is one of the many things I enjoy doing outside of school. 
    Softball is the sport I coach.
    Target is a dangerous place for me; I always come out with more than I have on my list!
    University: I went to Saint Mary's University in Winona, MN for my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education + recently finished my master's degree in Differentiated Instruction from Concordia University in Saint Paul.
    Vacations to Ireland, Pelican + Gull Lake, Okoboji + Chicago are how I spent my months this past summer.
    Wermerskirchen is a great conversation starter + the kinders love learning how to spell it throughout the year--don't worry, we break it apart [we r me r ski r chen]!
    Xtra fact about me: my favorite TV show is Friends. I've seen each episode at least ten times + still laugh at each given part; it drives my family crazy! 
    Yuck! I dislike spicy foods.
    Zoo animals I like to see each time I visit: giraffes + dolphins.