• Classroom Environment

    In our classroom, we will be working together to create a positive learning community. We will support each other and cheer for one another throughout our kindergarten journey. We will focus on our social curriculum to strengthen our social skills, to build friendships, and to learn about respect.

    We will begin our year discussing expected behaviors in our classroom.

    During our discussion, we will focus on Red Oak’s 3 main rules:

    1. Being Safe              2. Being Respectful            3. Being Responsible


    Throughout our discussions, we will brainstorm a list of classroom rules we all agree upon and will create a class constitution with our rules which students will sign. This will be put up in our classroom for all students to see or refer back to if need be.

    As we know, there may be occasions where unexpected behaviors occur. For this purpose, we will learn three tools to help guide our team of learners:

    1. Loss of privilege- This is used when someone is misusing an item or when someone is not using desired social skills.
    2. Taking a Break- This is a safe place in the room where students can go if they are having a strong feeling (frustration, sad, angry, etc.) They may go there on their own or an adult may guide them there.
    3. A “Fix-it-plan”- This is used to fix a problem. This could be mending an item or strengthening a relationship.


    Additional Kindergarten Info:

    Money for your child’s lunch can be deposited into his or her lunch account online or you can send money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, account number, and teacher’s name.


    Please provide your child with a healthy and well balanced lunch. Soda or glass bottles are not allowed. Please practice opening lunch items with your child, as it will be very helpful for both your child and me!


    Students will go to specialist throughout the week. They will have the opportunity to participate in Art, Media, Music, and Physical Education. Please make sure to send tennis shoes for your child to wear for gym class. Students will visit two of these specialists each day. Please check your child’s schedule to see what they might need to bring for class.

    Thank you!