•  Would you like to see what a day in the life of a kindergartener is like in our classroom at Jackson? Check it out here:
    [This Book Creator book was made in February 2017 and is written phonetically (aka: kindergarten language--kids write the sounds they hear when stretching out the word); it was a big success for the kindergarteners!] 
    Seesaw is a great tool to use in the classroom to get you connected to what is going on in our classroom. This tool allows parents to see daily projects + writing, what's going on during centers + much more. 
    A kindergarten teacher within our district created this document with the district + state standards each kindergartener is to master by the end of the academic year. You can use any QR scanner to look at the resources she has put together within the document to help you child in any area he/she may be struggling in or having great difficulty. 
    Get connected with these YouTube videos and tools by clicking on the Kindergarten Standards Resources page