• Happy Planksgiving!!!


     Mr. Casey and I would love for you to join us and your student(s) as we plank through November. Ditch the Halloween candy and let’s start celebrating the next holiday…PLANKSGIVING!!


    For the entire month of November, we will be planking and thanking our way through the class and encouraging students to do the same at home also. Each class will plank and give thanks to someone or something in their lives every day.


    You are welcome to join us at home too!! FAMILY STYLE!!! I’ve included the calendar that we plan to follow. We will have a plank challenge in December to see who the student King and Queen of planks are. Have fun!!!


    Nov.1-20s  Nov.10-rest          Nov.19-1min45s   Nov.28 2min30s 

    Nov. 2-30s Nov.11-1min        Nov.20-rest           Nov.29 2min45s

    Nov.3-30s  Nov.12-1min        Nov.21-1min45s   Nov.30 3min

    Nov.4-35s. Nov.13-1min 10s Nov.22-1min 45s

    Nov.5-rest Nov.14-1min 20s Nov.23-2min   

    Nov.6-45s  Nov.15-rest          Nov.24-2min

    Nov.7-45s  Nov.16-1min20s  Nov.25-rest

    Nov.8-45s  Nov.17-1min30s   Nov.26-2min15s

    Nov.9-50s  Nov.18-1min30s  Nov.27-2min 15s