Credits, Policies & Procedures

  • This year’s summer learning theme is “Superheroes and Superpowers - Discovering How to Be a Super Learner.”  Our summer program will help students become more confident learners through the development of social, emotional, and self-management skills. Some of the topics that will be included in this summer’s program are: organization, planning, goal setting, resilience, conflict resolution, strengths exploration, self advocacy, self -regulation, and growth mindset. In addition, students will receive personalized academic support in math and language arts.


    Students entering 9th grade in the fall of 2019 will receive High School credit for their summer school learning.  In addition to strengthening their Math and English skills, these students will also engage in curriculum and activities that will help them prepare for their transition to Shakopee High School.  

    Attendance policy:
    Attendance Requirements:  registered students are expected to attend the summer school program every day.  Students who are absent more than two days may be removed from the summer school program.

    Behavior policy:
    Any student who has a behavior incident will be asked to leave for the remainder of summer school session.  Incidents include but are not limited to: fighting, insubordination, plagiarism, disrespectful or disorderly conduct, chemical use.

    Registration procedure:
    Only students who receive an invitation letter may register for the Summer Learning Program.  Please reference your invitation for directions on how to register.