• Academy Celebration Day

    Posted by David Jovanovic on 5/8/2019 10:00:00 AM



    On Friday, May 3, Shakopee academies took the afternoon to celebrate their achievements, send off the seniors, welcome incoming freshmen, and look to the many great future possibilities of the academy model. The Engineering and Manufacturing academy started the festivities with a paper airplane design and build challenge. The top performing airplanes in each small group were pitted against each other at the main assembly event.




    In addition, representatitves from grade levels competed in a relay event that spiraled into hilarious chaos, with the incoming freshman taking the win. It's looking like a bright future for engineering and manufacturing at Shakopee High.


    PA1 PA2 PA3 PA4


    After the event, all academies came together for some fun at the Backyard Bash, which included a giant catapult constructed by our very own E&M students.


    A very special thanks to our three Junior volunteers, Ronnie Gunter, Kyle Martin, and Gavin Stadler, for MCing the main event and overseeing the competitions!



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  • Academy Students of the Week (4/8-4/19)

    Posted by David Jovanovic on 4/12/2019 10:00:00 AM

    Felicitations to our SotW for April 8 through April 19: Kyle Martin and Marisa Jaeger.

    SotW1 sotw2

    Mr. Rau would like to nominate Kyle Martin as he comes to Small Gas Engines class everyday with a positive attitude and willingness to learn and improve his skill set. He also initiates and provides for fun group conversations during work time.

    Ms. Nicklin nominates Marisa Jaeger for her hard work and dedication to her academics and growth this year.

    Well done Kyle and Marisa!

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  • Academy Students of the Week 3/18-3/29

    Posted by David Jovanovic on 3/22/2019 9:00:00 AM

    The Engineering and Manufacturing Academy is recognizing Allison Lassiter and Maggie MacDonald for their excellence. This is Allison's second nomination for the current semester. Congratulations to you both.


    Mr. Hendrickson:

    I would like to recognize Allison Lassiter as a student of the week for the Engineering & Manufacturing Academy. In Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA) she has grown at an exponential rate. Her self confidence and poise in the classroom, as well as a ready smile and willingness to learn, has made the experience a treat to watch and teach. Her line of questioning and ability to work thru difficult concepts has made her classmates' knowledge grow as well. I am excited to see the potential that she has as a leader and as a person. It’s truly an Exciting time to watch!

    Allison Lassiter:

    I would like to thank Mr. Hendrickson for the nomination. It really means a lot for me to get recognized for the work I have done in this class, especially since I am interested in becoming an architect. Knowing that I am doing good in this class makes me enjoy and look forward to CEA everyday. It also helps that Mr. Hendrickson is always there for me to ask questions and get help if I don’t understand a topic or calculation. I am truly grateful for a teacher like Mr. Hendrickson that can push me to become a better student.



    Mr. Thom:

    I am nominating Maggie MacDonald for this E and M Student of the week.  Maggie has shown great interest in Economics and Political Science in just a short amount of time this semester.  She frequently comes to class with questions regarding current political and economic issues facing the state/nation.  Additionally, Maggie has voluntarily gone out of her way to create study guides and quizlet flashcards that she shared with the rest of her classmates to use and study from.  I have high aspirations for Maggie and look forward to seeing where her hard work and dedication will bring her in life. Congratulations Maggie - you deserve this honor!

    Maggie MacDonald:  I would like to thank Mr. Thom for the nomination. It means a lot to me that i teacher I find really cool to learn from thinks i’m cool too! Mr Thom’s Econ class is one of my favorites to go to and look forward to each day, it is a very nice learning environment and the stuff we learn about is really interesting.


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  • Authentic Experiences in Construction

    Posted by Dave Jovanovic on 3/8/2019

    Construction students in the Engineering and Manufacturing Academy were hard at work building picnic tables for the Minnesota River Valley Chapter of The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association.


    Students designed and built the picnic tables that were picked up by appreciative members of the group earlier this week. As always, we like to recognize excellent work from our students that affects the community. Congratulations on a job well done to all of those involved.

    Pic1 pic2

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  • Academy Students of the Week (Mar 4-15)

    Posted by David Jovanovic on 3/4/2019 9:00:00 AM

    We have some new students of the week to rave about. Congratulations to Carson Bremer and Hannah Wiebold!



    Mr. Stone: I would like to recommend Carson Bremer for Student of the Week. Carson consistently demonstrates all the qualities we hope for in a great student and a good person.  He is very conscientious of his school work, constantly engaged in class, thinks critically and asks good questions. More importantly, Carson is a good person, regularly helping other students and making a positive impact on our class and school culture. I personally appreciate the efforts Carson makes to not only improve himself, but others and the school.

    Carson: I would like to thank Mr. Stone for nominating me for student of the week. This is a very cool experience to engage in. Going to his class everyday is an adventure because I love his teaching style and not always knowing what to expect. Meeting new people, getting a chance to talk to them during active projects. And just experiencing a new teaching style is very fun. Mr. Stone is a great teacher! He puts a smile on my face everytime I walk through his class. Overall, thank you for nominating me for student of the week!                               



    Mr. Tyson: Hannah Wiebold has been a teacher assistant for me for the past two years, she has dominated this position making the courses that she has helped with run in tip top shape. She has never disappointed with her work ethic, moral, and attention to detail. She runs my afterschool program ACE, and does a great job with it. I can truly say that for the past two years she has made my teaching life easier. In my opinion she is a wonderful candidate for this award!

    Hannah: I would like to thank Mr. Tyson for the nomination for student of the week. Going down to the tech wing and working with him and the students is the highlight of my day. I look forward to the hours where I can go help the students and especially help in ACE. ACE is a big part of my life at highschool and I could not think of a better mentor and to help me.

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  • Academy Students of the Week (2/18-3/01)

    Posted by David Jovanovic on 2/18/2019 9:00:00 AM

    We are proud to announce our well-deserved students of the week, Ashley Rivera and Allison Lassiter!



    Ms. Conrad: I would like to recommend Ashley Rivera for Student of the Week. Ashley is a Senior in my 5th hour Focused Skills class.  Ashley is always on time to class and brings a very positive attitude. Ashley works hard in class and is a positive role model for other students. Ashley is a quiet and shy student but has been very willing to answer questions other students have had while filling out their registration for next year.  Ashley has been a wealth of information regarding classes she has taken that they want information about. It has been wonderful to see Ashley grow in knowledge in this class. She will do great in whatever she chooses to do when she graduates from Shakopee High School.

    Ashley: I just want to thank Ms. Conrad for nominating me and supporting throughout this school year. Believing that I will pass and helping do better in school. I have never in my life have had this opportunity. Thank you so much!



    Mr. Jovanovic: I am nominating Allison Lassiter for student of the week.

    Allison is an exceptionally driven student who constantly answers the challenges presented to her, often with a smile on her face. She has shown strong problem-solving abilities, which is immeasurably beneficial for future engineers. Whether she is smirking at my flailing attempts at science humor or quietly helping those around her, I enjoy her contributions in class, and I look forward to seeing her many more future accomplishments outside the classroom.

    Allison: I would really like to thank Mr. Jovanovic for nominating me and for always making me feel comfortable in his room. I truly believe that he wants to help students anyway he can. Also, I would like to thank him for being there for me to talk to whether it’s personal or school related. He has truly helped me succeed as a student.


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  • Academy Students of the Week (2/4 - 2/15)

    Posted by David Jovanovic on 2/4/2019 9:00:00 AM

    The Engineering and Manufacturing Academy is recognizing our recently nominated students of the week, Riley Duryea and Joseph Vierling.

     SoW1 SoW2

    Riley's nomination came from Ms. Javner, who would like to share the following:

    I nominate Riley Duryea for Student of the Week. Riley is both an amazing AP Chemistry student and an amazing cake decorator. It is rare to come across a student who is so kind, positive, hard-working, and passionate each and every day of class. She is a great team-player and is always willing to help her group members and classmates. It is truly a joy to teach Riley! I know that Riley will continue to do great work in the academy of Engineering and Manufacturing and at Shakopee High School!

    Joseph's nomination came from Mr. Dorothy, who would like to share the following:

    I nominate Joseph Vierling as student of the week for Engineering and Manufacturing. As a member of the Engineering and Manufacturing Academy, Joey has pushed himself over the last two years to become a valuable member of the learning community at Shakopee High School. As he is a very hands-on learner, education has not always been easy for Joey; however, he has matured into a student that can translate the educational lessons, learning in hands-on Engineering and Manufacturing classes into more traditional and sedentary class settings. This maturation, combined with Joey’s intrinsic charm and ability to build relationships, will suit him well as he graduates from Shakopee in 2020. After high school, Joey plans on working with his hands and pursuing a career in the trades.

    Our selected students would like to share the following:

    Riley: Thank you Ms. Javner, I had an amazing first semester with you!

    Joseph: Thank you Mr. Dorothy, you have been the best teacher I’ve had my whole high school career.

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  • Academy Students of the Week (1/21-2/1)

    Posted by David Jovanovic on 1/24/2019 9:00:00 AM

    The Engineering and Manufacturing Academy is recognizing our recently nominated students of the week, Andy Hanson and Oscar Mendiola.

     I1 I2

    Andy's nomination came from Mr. Grahn, who would like to share the following:

    I would like to nominate Andy Hanson as M & E SOTW. Andy has never been absent from my 5th hour.  He literally has been in class more than me. This might explain why he is so much better at PreCalc than I am.  He doesn’t know it, but I use his tests as my keys so I don’t have to make my own. In all seriousness, Andy is a great kid.  He is laser-focused during lessons and always uses his time wisely 90% of the time. He’s one of the seemingly few students who has developed the instinct for when it is time to be serious and when to joke around.

    Oscar's nomination came from Ms. Laughlin, who would like to share the following:

    I would like to recommend Oscar Mendiola for Student of the Week. Not only is Oscar a diligent student, who pushes himself to practice his skills in and outside of class, he is also a positive role model for the other students in our Communications & Interactions class. Being a quiet, shy student, it was difficult for him to put himself “out there” with the service learning project LAG (Lunch & Games) but he does, EVERY DAY, sitting at the table, greeting others and helping make this school a little bit more welcoming.

    Congatulations to you both!

    Andy Hanson: I am happy to be in Mr. Grahn’s math class. I think that he does a good job teaching the concepts while still giving students enough time to finish their homework. I want to thank Mr. Grahn for choosing to nominate me.

    Oscar Mendiola: I am happy to be in Mrs. Laughlin’s class, iI pay attention to her also to my classmates. I also finish my homework and I particulate in school. And I am so glad to be in her class and that I am doing a good job.  


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  • Academy Students of the Week (Jan 7-18)

    Posted by David Jovanovic on 1/3/2019 3:00:00 PM

    The Engineering and Manufacturing Academy is giving a shout out to our recently nominated students of the week, Kathy Lee and Max Kondratyuk.


    Kathy's nomination came from Mrs. Bonderson, who would like to share the following:

    Kathy is a dedicated student who works hard to understand the tough calculus concepts. Kathy is a risk-taker because she is willing to asks questions. She also  works well with a diverse peer group - many times taking the leadership role. Kathy shows a lot of pride in her work. I am happy to nominate Kathy for student of the week!

    Max's nomination came from Mr. Anderson, who would like to share the following:

    Max sets very high standards for himself and it shows in the quality of work he produces. Max is conscientious, dependable and always willing to lend a hand or help another student. These qualities make Max an asset in the classroom.

    Congatulations you two!

    Kathy Lee Max Kondratyuk

    Kathy: Thank you so much for nominating me as the student of the week! I feel like the hardest thing about calc is not learning the formulas but applying to concepts. Ms. Bonderson always checks everyone's work every day and takes the time of day to correct me and show me how to do an equation which makes me successful in her class. I am motivated to be successful in Ms. Bonderson’s class because she makes sure everyone understands the concepts while advocating group work.

    Max: Thank you so much for nominating me for student of the week. You are a very great teacher and have helped me along the path to achieve great things.

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  • Students and Local Businesses Participate in National Manufacturing Day

    Posted by Crystal McNally on 12/4/2018 6:00:00 AM

    Speaker Students at Shakopee High School got a taste for manufacturing during a special event for National Manufacturing Day. The high school partnered with the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce to bring in guest speakers from many local companies including Shutterfly and Entrust Datacard.  Shutterfly is the Academy Champion for the Engineering and Manufacturing Academy and Entrust Datacard is the Academy Champion for the Science and Technology Academy.
    Students in both academies or students taking courses in the academies were able to hear presentations from the business partners and ask questions about the field.
    “The message that everybody is getting is pretty universal when they talk about what’s important for the students to do when pursuing their chosen career,” said Todd Anderson, teacher in the Engineering and Manufacturing Academy.
    “Personally, I think education is the thing we should invest our time in,” said Hunter Moen, Principal Manufacturing Engineer at Entrust Datacard and the guest speaker for the company at Shakopee High School. “The kids are learning things now that will make all the innovations of the future. This is the place to start. Entrust Datacard is always growing and expanding and we are always looking for new people to hire. Getting our name out there is just one small piece of what we need to do to fulfill our goal.”
    Moen talked to the students about Entrust Datacard and the technologies that make their products special, as well as the importance of manufacturing.
    “Manufacturing is always going to be a thing, some people think it will go away with automation,” said Moen. “The robots will be doing the manufacturing, but who’s going to program the robots? Who’s going to be designing what the robots do?”
    Commscope, Imagine Printing, Rahr Corporation, Dem-Con, CertainTeed, and Medtronic also participated in the event.
    National Manufacturing Day was held on Friday, October 5, 2018 in hopes of inspiring a new generation of manufacturers.

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