• Student of the Week

    Each week one child is assigned “Student of the Week.”  This gives us an opportunity to learn more about them and it gives them some special attention. They can bring up to 10 pictures, and up to 5 special items (trophies, toys, books, collections, etc.)  On Wednesday of their week, they share their pictures and other items with us.  We interview them and make a special book for them.  These books will stay at school until one has been created for each child (March).  They are a popular source of reading material for the kids.  Here is the schedule for the year.  Please make a note of your child’s week and I will also put it on the monthly calendar and my website.

    Week of:

    Sept. 16: Brody                   

    Sept. 23: Luke                             

    Sept. 30: Scarlett

    Oct. 7: Easton

    Oct. 21: Aryahi

    Oct. 28: Anjaneya

    Nov. 4: Veronica

    Nov. 11: Seoul

    Nov. 18: Madeline

    Dec. 2: Mitchell

    Dec. 9: Easton

    Dec. 16: Carmen

    Jan. 6: Keira

    Jan. 13: Karter

    Jan. 21: Jill

    Jan. 27: Sophia

    Feb. 3: Jayden

    Feb. 10: Dylan

    Feb. 18: Finna

    Feb. 24: Jairo

    Mar. 2: Nicolas

    Mar. 9: Karter

    Mar. 16:  Ryland