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    Shakopee, MN.

    Request for Proposal


    Shakopee Public Schools, Shakopee MN will receive sealed proposals until

    3:00 pm, CST, Tuesday April 16, 2019 for the provision and installation of a district-wide telephone system.  Proposals are to be submitted electronically to Bryan Drozd at bdrozd@shakopee.k12.mn.us.

    A Pre-Bid conference call is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 at 10:00 AM Local Time.  The link, conference telephone number, and meeting ID is provided below.

    Link: https://zoom.us/j/266922489

    Conference Call-in: (646) 558-8656

    Meeting ID: 266 922 489

    Specifications, proposal forms, and instructions to proposers may be obtained from Holly Anderson 952-496-5118 or handerso@shakopee.k12.mn.us.  

    Shakopee Public Schools reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or part of such proposals and waive any formalities or irregularities. No proposal may be withdrawn for a period of 180 days after proposal receipt without consent of Shakopee Public Schools.



    Phone Timeline


    Distribution of RFP                                   

    March 9, 2019

    Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference               

    March 19, 2019: 10 am

    Question Period Begins                            

    March 20, 2019

    Site Surveys Scheduled and Conducted

    March 22, 2019

    Question Period Ends                               

    March 27, 2019

    Questions Returned to Bidders           

    April 3, 2019

    RFP Deadline                                             

    April 16, 2019

    Proposal Evaluation                                  

    April 17-29, 2019

    Finalists Chosen                                        

    April 30, 2019

    Presentations Scheduled and Conducted

    May 6, 2019

    BIDDER Notification of Award                

    May 13, 2019

    Contract Executed                                    

    May 20, 2019

    Project Kickoff                                           

    May 28, 2019

    System Installation                                   

    June 15-July 15 2019

  • Question and Answers (Updated 4/3/19, 9am)


    Question: Can you please send current Shoretel asset list? (submitted 3/19/19, posted 3/19/19)

    Answer:  Switching hardware listed below:

    Name Description Site Used Capacity
    CFC-1 SG-120/24 Closet A CFC 32 70
    CFC-2 SG-120/24 Closet A CFC 34 75
    DO-1 SG-90 District Office 45 90
    DO-2 SG-90 District Office 44 90
    East-1 SG-120/24 Closet A East 56 80
    East-2 SG-120/24 Closet A East 59 90
    EC-1 SG-60/12 Closet A Eagle Creek 37 40
    EC-2 SG-60/12 Closet A Eagle Creek 44 50
    HS-1 SG-120/24 High School 80 80
    HS-2 SG-120/24 High School 95 95
    HS-3 SG 90 High School 85 85
    HS-4 T1 High School 0 0
    JC-1 SG-90 Closet A Jackson 48 75
    JC-2 SG-90 Closet A Jackson 44 80
    PR-1 SG-60/12 Closet A Pearson 32 40
    PR-2 SG-60/12 Closet A Pearson 30 35
    RO-1 SG-60/12 Closet A Red Oak 25 30
    RO-2 SG-60/12 Closet A Red Oak 30 35
    RO-3 SG-40/8 Closet A Red Oak 30 35
    SP-1 SG-60/12 Closet A Sun Path 44 45
    SP-2 SG-60/12 Closet A Sun Path 44 45
    SW-1 SG-60/12 Closet A Sweeney 35 45
    SW-2 SG-60/12 Closet A Sweeney 31 40
    TLC-1 SG-50 TLC 11 35
    West-1 SG-120/24 Closet A West 66 85
    West-2 SG-120/24 Closet A West 68 85
    West-3 ShoreGear-T1 Closet A West 0 0
    West-4 SG 40 West 8 40
          1157 1595



    Q: On page 22 of the RFP for System Capacity, are these capacities accurate and / or intended for this RFP?

    A: Capacities are there for guidance; just because a particular system doesn’t “check the box” for one of these items doesn’t mean it would not be considered.  It is likely that we put in some ambitious targets in certain areas, knowing that this is the type of system that does not get replaced very often and with the intent of having flexibility over time. 


    Q: Who provides your current PRI services? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19)

    A: TDS Telecom.


    Q: Are the PRI’s in contracts or can you make changes, if desired, without penalties? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19)

    A: Yes, can make changes.  Phone service is not on a long term contract.


    Q: Who provides existing Internet service at each site? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19)

    A: Our current Internet vendor is Jaguar.


    Q: Are your internet services in contracts or can you make changes, if needed, without penalties? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19)

    A: No.  Committed to multi-year contracts as part of E-rate.


    Q: Can we get a diagram of current internet services and the bandwidth in place? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19)

    A: Internet comes in through High School.  Is then routed via redundant fiber lines to rest of buildings in district.  Shared 10GB up/down, but limited to approximately 4GB up/down at firewall (which is still more than sufficient for our usage).


    Q: Can we get copies of current internet and dialtone services’ monthly bills? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19)

    A: Internet is part of a shared usage consortium with total monthly billing (currently) of $10,200 (pre E-rate cost).  Phone typically bills about $3600 per month.


    Q: Do you have any devices or applications that require using analog CO lines (such as elevators, security, alarms, etc.)? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19, updated 4/3/19)


    Yes. will work on list of those specific lines.  Partial answer:


    1. CFC: DID 5090, Switch CFC, Phone Port: 24
    2. HS AUD-1: DID 5135, Switch HS-1, Phone Port: 20
    3. HS Elevator 2: DID 8725, Switch HS-2, Phone Port 24
    4. HS AUD-2: DID 8728, Switch HS-1, Phone Port 19
    5. East Pool: DID 5784, Switch East-2, Phone Port: 23
    6. West Elevator: 5794, Switch West-2, Phone Port: 23
    7. West Pool: DID 5795, Switch West-1, Phone Port 24 (Manlift)
    8. SW: DID 5850, Switch SW-1, Phone Port 12
    9. SP: DID 5903, Switch SP-2, Phone Port 12
    10. JC: 952 445 4603
    11. EC: 952 496 9214
    12. RO: 952 403 7294 Analog, Switch RO-1, port 1

    Security: Yes

    Alarms: Yes


    Q: Do you want the primary dial tone services for the entire district being run through the central hub? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19)

    A: That is the current design (though we do have redundancy for system hardware; primary at West Middle School, back-up at High School)


    Q: Which location is considered your central hub? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19)

    A: Currently West Middle School but would like to change it to High School. We have 2 PRIs coming from each locations.


    Q: Are there VMware servers in use and in place?  Where? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/26/19)

    A: Yes, but not for the current system.  Physical hardware located at High School and West Middle School.


    Q: Can we get a list of existing paging amps for each location? (submitted 3/21/19, posted 3/29/19, updated 4/2/19)

    A: See chart below.



    PA System Details

    High School

    Telecor XL Administrative Communication System, Telecor 60 Amplifier (x2), Telecor 125 Amplifier,  Telecor 250 Amplifier


    Speco Technologies PBM-30 PA Amplifier


    Telecor XL, Viking Model CTG-2 Advanced Clock Controlled Tone/Message Generator, Telecor 125 Amplifiers (x2)


    Telecor XL, Viking Model CTG-2 Advanced Clock Controlled Tone/Message Generator, Crest CPX 900 Power Amplifier

    Central Family Center

    (Non Functional)

    Eagle Creek

    Bogen PCM Paging Controller (TIM, CPU, 3xZPM),  Dukane 9A1687 Monitor, Bogen TG-4C Tone Generator, American Time and Signal AllSync Master Clock System, Crown 14M PreAmp-Mixer, QSC CX108V Amplifier


    QSC Basis 922AZ Amplifier and loudspeaker control/monitoring/protection, QSC CX108V Amplifier


    Simplex 5100 Series Integrated Communications System., Lathem Master LTR8-512 Master Control System, Peavey UA35T and UA12T (x3) mixer-amps

    Red Oak

    Simplex 5100 Series Integrated Communications System, Peavey MMA835T Channel Mixer/Amplifier, TOA BA235 Power Amplifiers (x3), Peavey uma 1502 integrated modular amplifier.

    Sun Path

    Rouland 2524 Master Clock/Intercom System,  Bogen VAR 1 Voice Activated Relay, Biamp Advantage 301e Mic/Line Mixer, Peavey IPA 300T Amplifier, and TOA 900 Series II P-912MK2 Amplifier


    Simplex 5100 Series Integrated Communications System, Peavey UA12T Utility Mixer Amplifiers (x3), Peavey UA 35TII utility mixer amplifier

    District Office

    (No paging system or bell system).  Muzak Series 3000 Integrated Amplifier, Paso digital music amplifier, Bogen GA-2 General Purpose Amplifier.


    Q: Do you want a bid bond and/or performance bond?  (submitted 3/22/19, posted 3/29/19)

    A: Sorry, this should have been spelled out more specifically in original RFP.  We would need a performance bond equal to or greater than contract price.

    Q:  Is the Shakopee Schools Tax Exempt?  (submitted 3/22/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Yes


    Q: Are you asking for pricing for Software Assurance for years 2 – 5?  (submitted 3/22/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Yes.


    Q: Is the paging CO lines (FXO) ports included in Section 1.2?  (submitted 3/22/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Yes.


    Q: Can we have the Shoretel list of equipment including phones?  (submitted 3/22/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Partially answered in previous question.

    Phone model counts: 1154 Currently assigned

    IP110 = 37

    IP115 = 5

    IP230 = 1021

    IP230G = 87

    IP420 = 1

    IP560 = 2

    IP655 = 1

    Q: In Section 1.2 where there are counts do you want us to use those counts for IP Phones?  (submitted 3/22/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Mostly Yes, but it could also slightly change due to user need, please see above phone counts.


    Q: Are the Analog Port and Trunk counts to be used for gateway ports and are you reusing analog phones?  (submitted 3/22/19, posted 4/3/19)

    A: We are keeping analog lines, we do not have analog phones per se but we use the analog connections to fail over to if there is total loss of connectiveity to VOIP system.

    Trunk info


    Q: How many concurrent users for the Web Collaboration do you want in the base?  Or should this be optional pricing? (submitted 3/22/19, posted 4/1/19)

    A: Minimum of 50 concurrent.


    Q: How many concurrent users for the Audio Conferencing do you want in the base?  Or should this be optional pricing? (submitted 3/22/19, posted 4/1/19)

    A: Minimum of 100 concurrent.


    Q: How many concurrent users for the Web Collaboration for outbound notification do you want in the base?  Or should this be optional pricing? (submitted 3/22/19, posted 4/1/19)

    A: Not seeing where this is defined in RFP, can be optional pricing.


    Q: How many concurrent ports for the Mass Notification do you want in the base?  Or should this be optional pricing? (submitted 3/22/19, posted 4/1/19)

    A: Mass notification in this context is within the system itself, not necessarily outbound.  In other words, we should be able to broadcast a notification within and between buildings on our network.  We are not considering this a mass notification system like a phone bank that handles calls out to parents, for instance; we have such tools with our student information system.


    Q: What version Exchange and Windows Server (Active Directory) does the district have? (submitted 3/22/19, posted 4/1/19)

    A: Active Directory 2012 R2; No Exchange, running O365.  


    Q: How many voice mail (UM Users) including Night mailboxes, etc. are needed? (submitted 3/22/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Configured: 960, License purchased: 1138


    Q: The RFP had 1051 total IP extensions and the online gateway breakdown shows 1157 total IP phones. Which count would you like us to work off of?  (submitted 3/26/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: 1154 is currently configured. Again it is not a static number. We make modification based on the user need.  Current configured number does not include any phones we currently have as spares.


    Q: Are you using a single MPLS network for all 12 schools/locations? (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Internal: Static and EIGRP.


    Q: Please provide a current network Visio Diagram.  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 4/2/19)




    Q: What is the bandwidth from the main location to each location?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Redundant 10G pipe


    Q: Does every school/location have its own ISP / direct connection to the Internet?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: All Internet connectivity originates at High School.  Using a Hub and Spoke layout.


    Q: Are you using one centralized ISP for the entire School District?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 4/2/19)

    A: Yes, one ISP (Jaguar) for district.

    Q: Do you have a redundant data path to each site? If WAN Connection A fails, could you get to the same site via Connection B?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: We have redundant paths between sites.  


    Q: Do you have PoE switches in each location?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

     A: Yes


    Q: If you do not have PoE switches in each location, please list the locations that need PoE?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: None


    Q: Do you have Voice VLAN in place today?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Yes.

    Q: Do we need to implement QoS?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Switch QoS is already in place but may need to revisit to tweak.

    Q: Which router model are you using at each location? If they are different, please provide a list with the router model and the modules in each of them. (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Cisco Catalyst 4500x


    Q: Are you planning to keep the existing remote routers and use them for voice as well or should we plan on a new router at each remote site?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 4/2/19)

    A: Yes. If the question is about our network switches then we are using them for voice vlans. Shoretel phone switches are replacement candidates.


    Q: How many users will need web conferencing?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 4/1/19)

    A: Answered above.

    Q: Do you have an RJ45 network drop to each physical location which needs IP phone?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Yes


    Q: Is the 5-year warranty on phones a requirement or would you be willing to get a percentage of free spares for replacements?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/29/19)

    A: We would be willing to accept a percentage of spares.  This could be negotiated; as a baseline example we keep about 3% of spare inventory stock currently.

    Q: Please clarify the number of hard copy responses required. Section 2.6 states 3 hard copies and a DVD. Section 2.8 states one hard copy.   (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: Sorry about the discrepancy.  One hard copy is sufficient. DVD not necessary unless for some reason vendor is unable to share all data electronically.

    Q: Please provide router, switch, and wireless inventory for each school.  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: We are Cisco environment. Catalyst layer 3 core 4500x switch, Catalyst 4506, 4507 chassis, 2960, Wireless Controller 8500 series capable of managing upto 6000 access points.

    Q: Please describe the existing E911 setup.  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/29/19)

    A: Currently location can be identified with only building vlan. Basically, existing set-up could be viewed as a non-factor in the sense that we would like to implement a more functional, accurate, and manageable method of providing critical data to emergency responders.

    Q: Please provide information regarding existing FAX machines. Is there any requirement for a centralized FAX server?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: No; we currently use RingCentral e-fax service to handle this task.

    Q: What is the proposed budget for this project?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: We are not releasing a specific budget number.  We feel that an appropriate amount has been budgeted to allow for the potential of a full replacement of the existing system.

    Q: Does the existing MPLS provider provide SIP trunks?  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/27/19)

    A: We have been using some SIP protocols and they are working without any issues.


    Q: Section 2.19 Changes to Specifications states, “Changes will not invalidate the contract nor affect the guarantees of BIDDER or the validity of BIDDER’s bonds.” Is there a bid bond, payment bond or performance bond requirement? If so, can you please provide details for any bond requirements.  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/29/19)

    A: Sorry, this should have been spelled out more specifically in original RFP.  We would need a performance bond equal to or greater than contract price.


    Q: Section 5.1 Work Included states, “All system components for the communications system shall be procured by BIDDER directly from the manufacturer of the product.”  We leverage our relationships with both manufacturer partners as well as distributors. Can you please clarify if you are restricting procurement through distribution channels? Please note that manufacturer warranties are still available regardless of whether procurement is direct from a manufacturer or a distributor.  (submitted 3/25/19, posted 3/29/19)

    A: Intent of that statement was to ensure that product is new and warrantied.  (To avoid any remanufactured, refurbished, or clone product.) Acquisition through distribution channel is okay. 


    Q: Please provide the annual growth of the number of users so that we can provide capacity planning on the new platform.  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 3/29/19)   

    A: We are not anticipating any new construction or significant expansion of space or staffing at this time, so the current capacity is sufficient as far as hardware and line quantities are concerned.  We do expect any new system would have more capacity in the sense of features and potential usage for conferencing or safety and security, but we believe that is reflected in the specifications in the RFP.


    Q: Can you please provide a copy of your configuration SQL database?  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 4/3/19)   

    A: Sorry, no.


    Q:  If you are not willing to provide your configuration SQL Database, can you share a copy of your User Database?  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 4/3/19)   

    A: File below; if a different format is needed (currently in Excel) let us know.  User names have been redacted.

    Shoretel User List - Excel


    Q: In the RFP there is reference to End User Types being "Business User" and "Attendants", as well as having SLT (which we assume are Single Line Telephones "analogs"), can you give us a breakdown of counts for each per site?  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 4/3/19)   

    A:  PDF file posted below with trunking info pulled from current Shoretel system.  

    Trunk Info


    Q: Pulled from the RFP: “If user logs into a phone designated for Hot Desking, during normal operation that users Caller ID should be sent to network but if placing an emergency call the Caller ID sent to the PSAP must be the one specified by the Emergency Group setup by administrator.”

    Is it acceptable to get the E911 notification to the building it was called from? OR do you require the E911 notification to identify the classroom location within the building?

    A: Identifying the classroom location would be ideal. Currently it is somewhat aligned with the building vlan.

    If a classroom location is required, are you willing to accept a third-party integration for your current Mitel Connect system?  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 4/3/19)   

    A: Open to ideas.


    Q: Are the paging systems all the same manufacturer or is there a variety? I do see it stated they are all analog trunk paging systems.  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 3/29/19)   

    A: See previous response regarding paging systems.


    Q: What versions of Windows/MAC are deployed on devices?  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 3/29/19)   

    A: Windows 7 and 10.  Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave (expecting migration off of Sierra by end of 2019).  


    Q: If currently using softphones, approximately how many?  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 3/29/19)   

    A: Current system has softphone capability, but none being used.  Considering this a "nice to have" but not a critical component.


    Q: Is there adequate rack space at each location?  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 3/29/19)   

    A: There is rack space at each location and potential to add if necessary.


    Q: Is there a need to add any additional phones to any of the sites?  If so, is the District planning on placing the phones or will the awarded vendor be responsible for placing phones?  (submitted 3/27/19, posted 3/29/19)   

    A: Current counts accurately reflect current needs.  District would place additional phones.



  • List of Potential Bidders


    Nova Communications
    Munger Technical Services
    Matrix NDI
    Integrated Communications
    Heartland Business Solutions
    High Point Communications
    Cisco (via reseller partners)
    Jaguar Communications