Welcome to Travel Club

  • The Shakopee Travel Club aims to introduce students to the world of travel and welcome those who are new to our community, specifically international students.


    Club Goals:



    ·         To foster global awareness and understanding

    ·         To learn about new cultures from representatives from those cultures

    ·         To experience a new culture in an authentic environment or setting

    Ø  Learn about the Service Learning in Costa Rica trip, traveling in June 2014 at www.eftours.com/1298982

    Ø  We are still accepting students through November.  Contact Ms Hook with questions or to sign up.

    ·         To increase communication between Shakopee natives and international students

    ·         To share a love of new experiences and encourage students to break away from comfort zones

    ·         To foster life-long learning

    Teacher Advisers: Carmen Barbone and CarolAnn Hook