Ms. Anna Olson

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Ms. Anna Olson

Welcome! This is my second year teaching in the Shakopee School District @ East Middle School, and my 9th year teaching Family and Consumer Science classes. Semester long classes I teach are: Teen Chef, and Money Doesn't Grow on Trees. I also teach quarter long classes: Think Tank, Snack Attack, and Be the Change. The most up-to-date grades are found on Infinite Campus. Students will use Canvas to submit assignments and take quizes on a regular basis.

Teen Chef Unit Topics are:

1 - Kitchen Basics, Safety/Sanitation

2 - Knife Skills

3 - Measurement

4 - Plating and Garnishing

5 - Food Sensory

6 - Professionalism & Preparation Techniques


Money Doesn't Grow on Trees:

1 - Money Values

2 - How we spend our money

3 - Budgeting your money

4 - Saving your money

5 - Competing for your busness

6 - Knowing your rights

7 - Snack Shop


Think Tank Unit Topics are:

1- Solving a Problem

2 - Understanding your Market

3 - Costs

4 - Product Development

5 - Pricing/Profits

6 - Promotion and Selling


Snack Attack Unit Topics are:

1 - So you want to be a Chef? (Kitchen Safety & Sanitation, Cooking Terms, Kitchen Tools/Equipment, Measurements/Equvalents)

2 - Nutritionists/Dietitians (MyPlate, 6 Basic Nutrients, Fad Diets/Eating Disorders, Portion Sizes, Reading Nutrition Labels)

3 - What is an Athletic Trainer? (Carbohydrates, Proteins, Sport Drinks vs. Water)

4 - Careers in Human Sciences (Research and Present a career in Human Sciences as an entertaining infomercial)


Be the Change Topics are:

1 - Self Exploration (Self-Concept, Strenghts, Talents, Personality Development)

2 - Interpersonal Relationships (Relationships, Communication Skills, Socratic Seminar)

3 - Conflict Resolution (Conflict & Stress Management, Decision Making Model)

4 - What is Change? (Group project/Presentation - Pick a issue in the community and make a plan to help solve it)

5 - Careers in Human Services (Learning the Academies of Shakopee & Careers in Human Services, Students have a mini career fair)