• Second Grade Gazette

    January 27 – February 7

    MONDAY: (Day 6 – Art)

    TUESDAY: (Day 7 – Music) PTO Family Movie Night at 6:30PM

    WEDNESDAY: (Day 8 – Gym)

    THURSDAY: (Day 9 – Gym) Happy Birthday Amina!  We hope your day is super!

    Literature Lunch

    FRIDAY: (Day 10 – Music) Spelling Test #13

    MONDAY: (Day 1 – Art) Report cards go home in red folders.

    TUESDAY: (Day 2 – Media)

    WEDNESDAY: (Day 3 – Gym)

    THURSDAY: (Day 4 – Music) EL Family Book Bingo in Hawk Custer at 5:30 PM

    FRIDAY: (Day 5 – Gym) Spelling Test #14

    Subjects we are studying:

    Reading: Compare and Contrast

    Writing: Compare and Contrast

    Word work: List #13: ow/ou

    town, down, powder, shout, sprout, mouth, south, surround, outside

    List #14: ew/ue/oo

    brew, blew, cashew, blue, clue, pursue, soup, group, cartoon

    Math: Money  

    Science: Erosion    

    Special K: Mystery Bag

    Upcoming events in February:

    Feb. 10-12 Conference nights

    Feb. 13 Valentine Party

    Feb. 14 No school for students

    Feb. 17 No school/Presidents’ Day


    “It’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy.  Always look on the bright side of life.”