• Second Grade Gazette

    Weeks of: April 22- May 3

    MONDAY: (Day 8 – Gym)

    TUESDAY: (Day 9 – Gym)

    WEDNESDAY: (Day 10 – Music) Early release 1:45PM

    THURSDAY: (Day 1 – Music) EL book making event 6:45PM   

    FRIDAY: (Day 2 – Gym) Spelling Test List: 24

    Twin day – friends dress alike or wear MN Twin’s gear

    MONDAY: (Day 3 – Art)

    TUESDAY: (Day 4 – Gym)

    WEDNESDAY: (Day 5 – Art)

    THURSDAY: (Day 6 – Music)

    FRIDAY: (Day 7 – Media) Spelling Test List: 25

    Things we are studying:

    Word work:

    List 24: comparatives and superalitives

    round/rounder, smooth/smoother, light/lighter, funny/funniest, early/earliest, pretty/prettiest, big/bigger, sad/sadder, hot/hottest

    List 25: verb to adjective

    ease/easy, squeak/squeaky, need/needy, gloom/gloomy, snoop/snoopy, goof/goofy, jazz/jazzy, thirst/thirsty, worm/wormy

    Reading: Nonfiction – comprehension and summarizing what we read

    Writing: Opinion writing then moving to summarizing nonfiction writing

    Math: Comparing numbers to 1,000

    Social Studies: Economics

    Science:  Plants

    Upcoming events in May and June:

    May 9- STEM Fair at RO

    May 10- FOF

    May 17- USA Day

    May 21- Como Zoo Field Trip

    May 23- FOF

    May 24- Track and Field in AM

    May 27- No School – Memorial Day

    June 5- Talent Show PM

    June 6- Talent Show AM/Students’ Last Day