• Second Grade Gazette

    March 9-20

    SUNDAY: Daylight saving time begins, spring ahead one hour.

    MONDAY: (Day 4 – Music) Book orders are due.

    Math test on double digit addition.

    TUESDAY: (Day 5 – Gym)

    WEDNESDAY: (Day 6 – Art)

    THURSDAY: (Day 7 – Music)

    FRIDAY: (Day 8 – Gym) Spelling Test #19

    Family FUN Dance to raise money for our school!

    MONDAY: (Day 9 – Gym)

    TUESDAY: (Day 10 – Music) St. Patrick’s Day!

    WEDNESDAY: (Day 1 – Art)

    THURSDAY: (Day 2 – Media)

    FRIDAY: (Day 3 – Gym) Spelling Test #20 on the 20th! J

    Rainbow Day!  Second graders wear yellow.

    Subjects we are studying:

    Reading: Key Ideas and Details/Asking Questions

    Writing: Opinion Writing

    Word work: List #19: contractions

    she’s – she is, it’s – it is, you’re – you are, weren’t - were not, didn’t – did not, you’ve – you have, they’ve – they have, we’ve – we have, won’t – will not

    List #20: plurals (s, es, drop the y put in an i and add es)

    spices, acorns, apples, dishes, classes, taxes, watches, ponies, cities

    Math: Double digit subtraction 

    Science: Erosion    

    Special K: The Special K brings in an item from home and tells us about it.  Afterwards, they pick the next Special K – that person hides the item somewhere in the classroom, while the Special K is out of the room.  When they return to the room the Special K tries to find it while the class gives clues by saying, “Cold, Warm, or Hot.”

    Upcoming events in March/April:      

    March 26-3rd Quarter ends/Early release    March 27-April 3-Spring break  

    April 21-2nd grade Music Concert at 7PM

    April 22-Field trip to the MN Zoo

    April 30-Field trip to Stages Theater