• Second Grade Gazette

    Weeks of: Jan. 28-Feb. 8

    MONDAY:  No school for students/teacher work day

    TUESDAY: (Day 8 – Gym) Our 3rd quarter reading challenge begins.  A new recording sheet will be sent home tonight.  Most kids did an incredible job 2nd quarter, and their fluency is proof!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Keep reading each night, we are ½ way to 3rd grade!

    WEDNESDAY: (Day 9 – Gym)

    THURSDAY: (Day 10 – Music) Our music concert is tonight at 7PM in the gym, it will be about 30 minutes.  Students will meet in their classroom between 6:45 and 7PM, then teachers will walk them to the risers in the gym and the concert will begin.

    FRIDAY: (Day 1 – Music) Spelling Test List: 13

    MONDAY: (Day 2 – Gym) Report cards go home in red folders

    TUESDAY: (Day 3 – Art)

    WEDNESDAY: (Day 4 – Gym)

    THURSDAY: (Day 5 – Art) EL Family Book Bingo at 6:45PM

    FRIDAY: (Day 6 – Media) Spelling Test List: 14

    Things we are studying:

    Word work: List 13: ow/ou

    down, town, powder, sprout, shout, outside, surround, south, mouth

    List 14: ue/ou/ew

    blue, clue, pursue, brew, blew, cashew, soup, group, cartoon

    Reading: Nonfiction

    Writing: Informational writing – compare and contrast

    Math: Graphing

    Social Studies:  Mapping/Continents

    Upcoming events in February:

    Feb. 11-13- Conferences

    Feb. 14- Valentine Party

    Feb. 15-18- No School

    Feb. 22- Focused on Friends and Stuffed Animal/Slipper Day