• Second Grade Gazette

    Weeks: Nov. 25-29 and Dec. 2-6

    MONDAY: (Day 4 – Music) No homework or spelling this week.

    New round of Special K starts today.  Look below in “subjects we are studying” to find out more.

    TUESDAY: (Day 5 – Gym) We will be going to Makerspace for the first time this year.

    WEDNESDAY: No school – Thanksgiving break begins

    THURSDAY: No school - Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for all of you!

    FRIDAY: No school - Enjoy your Friday!

    MONDAY: (Day 6 – Art) Happy December!  Book orders, homework and other good stuff will be coming home in the red folder.

    TUESDAY: (Day 7 – Music)

    WEDNESDAY: (Day 8 – Gym)

    THURSDAY: (Day 9 – Gym)

    FRIDAY: (Day 10 – Music) Spelling Test #8

    Book orders due

    Subjects we are studying:

    Reading: Synthesizing

    Writing: We will continue working on writing personal narratives.  This includes prewriting (storyboard), drafting, adding adjectives, and editing.

    Word work: List #8: bossy r words

    smart, scar, shark, start, star, spark, market, garlic, party

    Math: Algebra and story problems

    Science: Matter

    Social Studies:  American History

    Special K: Completing a Mad Lib with the class and bringing one home for fun!

    We are working on nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, plurals, and exclamations.

    Upcoming events in December:

    Dec. 20 – Winter Party = if you want to plan anything or be here to help, email me

    Dec. 23-Jan. 1- No school Winter break


    *Thinking spring…Important dates for April:

    April 21-             2nd Grade Music Program

    April 22-            Field trip to the MN Zoo

    April 30-            Field trip to Stages Theater