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    GTT (PLTW): Robotics

    Robotics is a hands-on Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Engineering course that introduces students to the world of robotics and automation. Students will learn how to design and build robotic systems and write computer programs to control them. Students will complete exciting projects such as: maze-solving vehicles, drag racers, robotic arms, elevators, and many more.

  • Check out some videos of recent projects completed by Shakopee Robotics Students 
    Robotics students were challenged to create a coin operated pencil vending machine. Their mechanism was required to sort out dimes, nickels, and pennies...only allowing quarters to trigger the machine. For each quarter inserted into the machine a single pencil should be dispensed.
    Automation through Programming: Toll Booth
    Students were challenged with designing, constructing, and programming an automatic toll booth that can raise and lower with the push of a limit switch. The students added a safety device that will not allow the arm to lower if a 'car' is under the arm, and will signal and LED indicator if an obstruction is detected.
    Automation through Programming: Pick and Place Robot
    Students were challenged with designing, constructing and programming a pick and place robot that could pick up an object (dowel) from one location, rotate 180 degrees and drop it off in another location. This is meant to replicate an industrial robot that could complete a dull, dirty, or dangerous task.
  • Robotics is a great class if you like or want to learn more about...
    Working with your hands
    Variety! Robotics students build, program, wire, test and troubleshoot many robotic systems 
    Programming motors, lights, and sensors
    Engineering real robotics systems
    Applying Science, Math, and Technology to real life problems 
    Understanding how electricity and mechanical systems work together to make our world a better place