Welcome to the Office of Community Engagement

  • The Office of Community Engagement is responsible for establishing mutually beneficial partnerships that provide value to both our community and school district. This includes volunteer placement, facilitating business and individual partnerships, and managing the use and rental of district facilities. 

    Our volunteers and community partners provide our students with a wealth of support, knowledge and experience. Their contributions assist students in many ways including bringing authentic learning to the classroom as well as enriching and strengthening the education of our students and community.

    Our district has recently updated many facilities and added a number of new spaces to include the folllowing: Thrust Auditorium and Field House at Shakopee High School, turf surfaces and specialized spaces in our buildings. We have a lot to offer and are excited to expand our offerings to provide more opportunities to rent space.

    We are grateful for the continued support from our partnerships with businesses, organizations and individuals in our community. 

Office of Community Engagement Staff

  • Facilities and Activities

    Community Partnerships Manager 
    John Janke
    Jenny Ames
    John Janke
    Jenny Ames