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Superintendent Search, Staffing Update

Dave Orlowsky September 11, 2018 - The school board has published a posting for Superintendent. The Personnel Committee will be reviewing applications as they come in to determine if there are viable candidates in the pool.


If they determine that there is not sufficient depth to move forward, they will wait to conduct a search after the first of the year with the new superintendent starting July 1, 2019.


Candidates will be encouraged to state their starting date preference in their cover letters so that the school board can assess interest in both timeframes
At it's August 27 meeting, the board approved a motion to appoint Dave Orlowsky, Data & Testing Administrator, as temporary district leadership and directed administration to apply to Board of School Administrators for a temporary Superintendent variance for Orlowsky and to proceed with district leadership plan as presented. 

As a result, the BOSA board approved Orlowsky's variance for the entire year.

Also, the district has posted Orlowsky's former position internally, which will allow him to focus on his responsibilities as Acting Superintendent.


The position will be within the unaffiliated supervisor group with the contract ending on June 14th, 2019. 


The school board felt that even if they hired a superintendent mid-year they would like Orlowsky to move to a role like an assistant superintendent to help with the transition for the remainder of the school year.