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2018-19 New School Year Review

September 11, 2018 - Different than years past, the school district implemented Connect and Assessment Days before the start of this school year. Connect and Assessment Days were held for elementary students on Tuesday, September 4th and Wednesday, September 5thFirst Day of School


Connect and Assessment Days replaced open houses and the parent information nights this year. Connect and Assessment Days are not full school days, but are opportunities to meet with your child’s teacher one-on-one to learn about the classroom and the upcoming school year.  


It will also a chance for teachers to do some quick assessments with students in reading and possibly in math, in order to best meet students' needs for the upcoming year.

At Monday's school board learning session, Sun Path Principal Patrick Leonard and Eagle Creek Principal Josie Koivisto say they received positive feedback from parents. 

Responses from teachers included "Loved getting paperwork out right away" and "I loved being able to meet my kinders one on one and to be able to assess them without distractions."