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SHS Students and Local Businesses Participate in National Manufacturing Day

Entrust Datacard OCTOBER 12, 2018 -- Students at Shakopee High School got a taste for manufacturing during a special event for National Manufacturing Day. The high school partnered with the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce to bring in guest speakers from many local companies including Shutterfly and Entrust Datacard.  Shutterfly is the Academy Champion for the Engineering and Manufacturing Academy and Entrust Datacard is the Academy Champion for the Science and Technology Academy.
Students in both academies or students taking courses in the academies were able to hear presentations from the business partners and ask questions about the field.
“The message that everybody is getting is pretty universal when they talk about what’s important for the students to do when pursuing their chosen career,” said Todd Anderson, teacher in the Engineering and Manufacturing Academy.
“Personally, I think education is the thing we should invest our time in,” said Hunter Moen, Principal Manufacturing Engineer at Entrust Datacard and the guest speaker for the company at Shakopee High School. “The kids are learning things now that will make all the innovations of the future. This is the place to start. Entrust Datacard is always growing and expanding and we are always looking for new people to hire. Getting our name out there is just one small piece of what we need to do to fulfill our goal.”
Moen talked to the students about Entrust Datacard and the technologies that make their products special, as well as the importance of manufacturing.
“Manufacturing is always going to be a thing, some people think it will go away with automation,” said Moen. “The robots will be doing the manufacturing, but who’s going to program the robots? Who’s going to be designing what the robots do?”
Commscope, Imagine Printing, Rahr Corporation, Dem-Con, CertainTeed, and Medtronic also participated in the event.
National Manufacturing Day was held on Friday, October 5, 2018 in hopes of inspiring a new generation of manufacturers.