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School Board Update: Update on School District Leases

NOVEMBER 14, 2018 - Temporary Assistant Superintendent Dave Orlowsky provided an update for the school board regarding the district's Town Square leases, with assistance from Tokata Learning Center Principal Eric Serbus at its Monday meeting.

The district has received a one year extension on the lease for the TLC. The lease expires July 30, 2020. The extension will provide additional time to explore and research ways to meet the growing needs of the TLC and its students. At an upcoming work session, programming will be explored as well as the possibility of new spaces at TLC to meet the growing demand of services. 

The lease on the District Office expires October 31, 2020. 

District leaders and the board will discuss the various topics as they pertain to the TLC, and the district's long-range facility plans, which will include Central Family Center and Pearson 6th Grade Center, at a later meeting.