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District Statement on Federal Conviction Against Former Superintendent Rod Thompson



November 21, 2018 - We are working with ICS Consulting's new ownership and believe we are nearing a resolution that protects the interests of the school district and addresses our concerns. We expect to release more information soon.


~Shakopee Public Schools Superintendent Mike Redmond~ 




November 16, 2018 - In light of the unscrupulous actions of a previous superintendent related to our work with the construction management company ICS, the district has taken the following actions:

  • Directed the district’s Finance Department to examine our financial and other interactions with ICS for any irregularities.
  • Directed the employees from ICS currently managing the conclusion of our construction project to have no contact with any employee of Shakopee Public Schools without the express permission of district administrators, and to not be present on any of our school district sites, until further notice.

The statements above are in no way meant to imply any wrongdoing by anyone currently contracted with the district. However, the district is employing an abundance of caution as it relates to this situation.


~Shakopee Public Schools Superintendent Mike Redmond~