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Artists Help Students Communicate

Upstream JANUARY 10, 2019 - Starting the school week can be a hard adjustment for some, but for our special education students at Shakopee High School, Mondays are a treat. That’s because they attend a session with Upstream Arts. Upstream Arts brings a program called “The Art of Working” to our district.
“The Art of Working” aims to improve communicative soft skills by using the arts: dance, music, singing, painting or acting.  “Our mission statement as Teaching Artists is to amplify the voices of our participants, to share tools to help them express themselves in new, positive and powerful ways,” said Tena May Gallivan, Upstream Teaching Artist.
Whether they are expressing their mood for the day or doing an activity, students are engaged and starting their day off right. “We hope that students have fun,” said Gallivan. “We hope they get a different perspective on communication, freedom from the world ‘no’ for a bit and more choice and agency in their lives.”
Upstream Arts is being funded by a grant from the Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education Act.
22 students participated in the program that concluded in December.