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BOARD MEETING: District Facility Update

JANUARY 31, 2019 -  Activities and Facilities Supervisor John Janke presented an update to the board on his role and accomplishments, thus far.

Janke has been in the role full-time since the first week in September, while also providing help, support and perspective as needed for the new athletic director as he previously held the position.


Since July 2018, revenue generated through December is $65,806 (this includes ongoing rentals from Resonate Church at West and Barracuda Aquatics at West). He reports new revenue is $44,270.


Over the next several months, the district is expected to host events from basketball and volleyball tournaments to an indoor soccer tournament, dance competitions in the auditoriums, wrestling events, and Taekwondo tournaments.


"I would say we are just scratching the surface on our potential in this area," said Janke. "Things have gone quite well thus far, but we have plenty of room for growth." Click here for Janke's full summary.