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BOARD MEETING: Tokata Learning Center Proposed Grad Requirements

JANUARY 31, 2019 - Historically, the TLC and Shakopee High School (SHS) students have had the same number of required graduation credits and been awarded the same Shakopee High School Diploma. The new SHS graduation requirements are based on the Academy Model with multiple programs of study operating on a block schedule within a large high school setting. While the TLC aligns with the intended vision of the Academy Model (college/career exploration and readiness), the implementation of some of the new SHS graduation requirements is difficult given the TLC’s size and structure.

Important Implications:

  • An increase of 8 required graduation credits (from 48 to 56 credits) could create a larger credit gap for TLC students (many of whom struggle with credit deficiency), which may impact the TLC/district graduation rates.
  • The TLC is struggling to deliver the current 15 required elective credits due to its size and staffing. An increase in three electives adds an additional resource challenge (staffing and capital).
  • The new requirements of Freshman Seminar, Financial Literacy, and Program of Study (5 credits) will require the development of new courses and additional resources.

TLC Graduation Requirements Proposal:

  • Adjust the SHS total credit requirement from 56 for SHS students to 52 for TLC students (click here to review the chart).
  • Continue with the current elective requirement of 15 credits.
  • Adjust science sequence to better serve TLC students.
    • New Sequence: Physics, Biology, Environmental Studies
      • This sequences fulfills state science requirements.
      • Without lab space, chemistry is difficult to deliver.
      • Environmental studies will be more experiential and relevant to TLC students.
  • Add a program of study that consists of 4 courses (4 credits), which will include standards from Freshman Seminar and Financial Literacy. The proposed program of study sequence would include: 
    • TLC Seminar
    • Adulting 101
    • College and Career Exploration
    • TLC Capstone

As a result, the board approved the proposed graduation rates for the Tokata Learning Center. Thul and Serbus will present information to the board at a later date on when and how the new requirements will be implemented.