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Student Work Showcased Throughout Our Area

CANTERBURY MARCH 4, 2019 -- Keep your eyes peeled for new works of art around Shakopee. They could be the design work of our students at Shakopee High School. Students in the Design 1 course partnered with the City of Shakopee and Canterbury Park to create new logos.
Luke Matuza, Jacob Voxland, Michella Ta and Pearce Ritchie worked together on the logo for the Huber Park Performance and Event Series hosted by the City of Shakopee. They put their creativity to use on the project. Voxland designed the building. Ta designed the layout. Ritchie designed the wordmark and Matuza put all the elements together for the final product. The logo may appear on marketing materials for the event.
Just down the road at Canterbury Park, a student designed logo will be front and center for those looking to cool down this summer. Garrett Harinen designed the logo for the ice cream stand at Canterbury Park.
“I am excited that our partners are willing to give students a shot at these projects,” said Rachel Paulson, Design 1 teacher at Shakopee High School. “It is a win-win for all involved. Students admit they work harder knowing someone in the community will be critiquing them, and it is one less thing our partners have on their to-do list. Authenticity works!”
If you are interested in partnering with our high school students on a project, please reach out Elizabeth Duehr, Shakopee High School Academy Coach.