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SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: High School Athletics Exclusive Purchasing

MARCH 14, 2019 - Athletic Director Matt Hanson and Temporary Assistant Superintendent Dave Orlowsky led a discussion on the district exploring what's referred to as an “all sports agreement”.


This is using one vendor for all uniform and branding needs in athletics; a “head to toe” agreement with an exclusive vendor. This topic was only introduced to the board; no action was taken.

Hanson reports our district has been approached by two vendors: BSN Sports and Universal Athletic.

The board asked Hanson to research additional components of a possible agreement such as:

  • The comparability of uniforms/cost analysis 
  • Can we quantify/qualify impact on local vendors
  • What other groups/organizations would be impacted/able to participate in this agreement
  • What are we doing now that would be eliminated under such an agreement? 

Hanson plans to gather additional information and present to the board at a later date. Click here to view the information on exclusive purchasing presented during the board meeting.