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SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: Shakopee University

MAY 7, 2019 - Director of Teaching & Learning Nancy Thul and SEA President Dale Anderson presented a draft of a pilot of an alternate pathway for receiving credits used for lane changes on the Shakopee Public Schools' teacher salary schedule. DRAFT_ SHAKOPEE UNIVERSITY.pdf 

Shakopee University would help equip teacher with the best practices needed to implement to four critical instructional practices: authentic learning, student-centered learning, digital learning, and gradual release of responsibility, while deepening their understanding of the characteristics, beliefs, and practices of a Shakopee Educator.


Along with providing professional learning to help support and build high-quality educators, Shakopee University will promote retention of teachers with this incentive. Shakopee University is still in the planning stage.


Thul and Anderson plan to present additional information to the board at a future meeting.