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DISTRICT STATEMENT: Response to Online Neuvest Article

JUNE 21, 2019 - This afternoon, Shakopee Public Schools was mentioned prominently in an online article published by the Shakopee Valley News. The local newspaper made no attempt to contact the school district prior to releasing this story. The story is in regards to an information request made by the newspaper to the Shakopee Police Department seeking release of the NeuVest report; a report used by the Shakopee Police Department during the investigation of Rod Thompson. Shakopee Public Schools is working diligently to avoid violation of data privacy laws. These data privacy laws are complex and violation of the laws is a very serious legal offense that carries stiff penalties. The school district is currently making a joint request, along with the City of Shakopee, to obtain an opinion on this data privacy matter from the Minnesota Department of Administration. This opinion, to be issued by the Department of Administration, will bring closure on this matter.