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District Shares Update on Costs Associated with NeuVest Report

August 5, 2019 - The purpose of this communication is to provide an update on the costs associated with the requested release of the Neuvest report by the Shakopee Valley News.


In April 2017, the Shakopee School Board approved a motion to authorize our attorneys - Knutson, Flynn & Dean - to enter into an agreement with NeuVest for the purpose of conducting a third-party investigation into the overall organizational health of the district. The fact-finding process concluded, and a report was issued by NeuVest on June 19, 2017.   


The NeuVest investigation itself cost $56,733.72. However, following the completion of the report, we received a data request from the Shakopee Valley News to review the report. In responding to the data request, the School District was bound to comply with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA), Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13. The MGDPA generally classifies data on individuals regarding current and former employees of the School District as private data. As the overwhelming majority of the information collected by NeuVest is data regarding current and former employees of the School District, it was classified as private personnel data. Therefore, much of the NeuVest report provided to the Shakopee Valley News was redacted or blacked out. The process of redacting the information cost an additional $15,179.95; increasing the overall total to $71,913.67.


In May 2019, our district learned the Shakopee Valley News had again requested the NeuVest report, unredacted. The request was made to the Shakopee Police Department, following the conclusion of the investigation into Rod Thompson. When our district learned the police department planned to release the report, unredacted, we began working diligently to avoid violation of data privacy laws. A request will be made to the Minnesota Department of Administration on this matter. In the meantime, the additional work, conducted by our attorneys in response to this SVN data request, has cost Shakopee Public Schools an additional $2,905.00.


“The Department of Administration will make the final determination on the release of the report,” said Superintendent Mike Redmond. I am looking forward to our district having closure once and for all as it pertains to this matter.”


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