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Get Your Tickets Today! Sabers vs. EP Eagles at TCO Performance Center!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019 -- The Shakopee Sabers will be taking on the Eden Prairie Eagles on September 20th at TCO Performance Center. TCO is the training facility for the Minnesota Vikings, located in Eagan. This is their second year hosting high school prep spotlight football games and our first year being asked to play there. This will be a home game for Shakopee and we want as many fans to join us in the stands as possible! 



  • Tickets will follow the same parameters as any Shakopee home athletic event. However, tickets will need to be obtained in advance in order to guarantee entrance into TCO. 

Ticket prices will be $7 for adults, $5 for seniors or students

  • Students WILL get in free with an ID when a ticket is obtained in advance. Every student will need to show their ID in order to get a ticket. One ticket per student, students may not pick up a ticket for anyone but themselves. IDs will be scanned to ensure each student is only getting one ticket. If a student does not pick up their free ticket in advance, they will have to purchase one at the door. There will be no free tickets of any kind available at the door. If a ticket is lost, a new one will need to be purchased. If students have not received IDs yet this year, a previous year’s ID will work as long as they are still a Shakopee student!
  • Activity Pass holders may also come claim a free ticket in advance. One ticket per pass holder and the pass will need to be scanned to ensure it is valid before a ticket is given. There will be no free tickets of any kind available at the door. If a ticket is lost, a new one will need to be purchased. 

There will be no free tickets of any kind available at the door. If a ticket is lost, a new one will need to be purchased. 


Ticket Sales:

  • Tickets will be sold to the public on the following dates and times:
    • Thursday, September 12th from 3:00-6:00pm
    • Sunday, September 15th from 12:00pm- 4:00pm
    • Monday, September 16th from 3:00- 5:00pm
    • During these dates and times, tickets will be sold out of the concession stand on the West side of the High School. 
  • Tickets will be available to 9-12th grade students during the following times:
    • Before school (starting at 7:30am), during lunch (11:20am to 1:26pm), and after school (ending at 4:00pm)
    • Starting Tuesday, September 10th, ending Wednesday, September 18th
    • During these times, tickets will be available in the Activities Office.
  • For those that do not purchase tickets in advance, a limited number of tickets may be available at the door on game night. We cannot guarantee entry, however. Availability at the door depends on presale. There will be no free tickets available at the door! 

For building security, the general public will NOT be allowed into the HS during the day to purchase tickets. 


Fan Bus

  • The Activities Office will offer fan bussing for the game! 
  • Bus will be $5 per person, payable at the time of sign up. Sign ups are at the same time as ticket sales.
  • The buses will depart the North West side of SHS at 5:30pm.
  • Students in grades 9-12 may ride the bus without an adult. Students in 8th grade or below MUST have an adult chaperone with them. There will be a maximum of five students per one adult chaperone on the bus. 
  • Bussing will be assigned and lists will be posted on the doors of SHS by the bus departure zones (Door #29).
  • For any adults riding the fan bus, please be aware that you will be mixed in with students! There will not be separate bussing for adults only. 


Parking/ Facility Info


Bags/ Purses


Contact Information

  • For more information, please contact the Activities Office at (952) 496-5171 or
  • If a ticket deadline is missed, please do not reach out. Tickets need to be returned to TCO for game day sales, so we will not be able to sell past the deadlines. 
  • Fan bus sign ups will have the same deadlines. Again, we cannot add riders past the deadlines. We need to get the numbers to the bus company so they can reserve an adequate amount of drivers.