Stereotypes in Everyday Language

Posted by Nathan Moldenhauer on 11/29/2018 6:00:00 AM

SEED members meet on Tuesday, November 27th for a discussion on stereotypes in everyday language. The materials used were modified from Mary E. Kite's work in the psychology of stereotypes in language. 

How can we recognize and combat stereotyping in language?

Many SEED members were surprised when they saw the words written on paper. Immediately they recognized the origin of the stereotype and were able to identify the negative message carried. This led to the bigger question of how to recognize and combat stereotyping in everyday language. Answers discussed were that recognition in our own language use is far more important than pointing fingers at others as well as ensuring that when we recognize a stereotypical phrase being used, to ensure we aren't calling that person out publically but rather having a discussion behind closed doors. 

Coming Up

The plan for the next SEED meeting is for the original cohort members to meet in December for a followup meeting with Resolutions Northwest as well as to plan the agendas for the next few public meetings, which begin again on January 21st