Feb 21, 2023

February 21, 2023 - 8:30AM

We are continuing to monitor the weather forecasts and working with the National Weather Service. Per the National Weather Service, our district will be under a Winter Storm Warning from 3:00 PM today through 6:00 PM February 23. As such, we want to share reminders as to our weather related protocols

The first weather-related no school day for students in each semester of the school year is considered a traditional snow day for students and their families where students do not report to their buildings nor participate in online or school instruction. For teachers, this day is a preparation day to plan and prepare for any Connected Online Learning Days (CoLD)that may occur that semester, after the first traditional snow day.

We are currently in the second semester of the 2022-23 school year. To this point, we have not had a weather-related no school day this semester. Thus, the first weather-related no school day for students will be a traditional snow day for students and their families. Any additional weather related closures will result in Connected Online Learning Days (CoLD)

While no final decisions have been made at this time, there is a possibility we could see consecutive days of school closures this week, starting with tomorrow, Wednesday, February 22. If that occurs, Wednesday would be considered a traditional snow day for students. Any days after that would be considered Connected Online Learning Days (CoLD). 

We plan to send a message to families late afternoon or early evening with the final decision and plan for tomorrow. It is likely we will follow the same communication timeline tomorrow for any weather related decisions on school schedules for Thursday. 

School closings or delays are communicated through an automated phone calling service, email and text message, posted on the district and school websites, social media and WCCO. Student and family contact information can be updated in Infinite Campus at any time. 

Staff will plan accordingly and ensure students bring home any materials and devices that may be needed for Connected Online Learning Days (CoLD). 

To be clear, no formal adjustments or changes to this week's school schedules have been made at this time. This information is being shared to provide clarity on any future weather-related schedule adjustments. Thank you for your support.