Dec 21, 2022

RE: PreK-12 School Calendar Adjustment

On December 12, 2022, a proposal was brought forth to the Shakopee Public Schools board to recommend a one-time change to the school calendar for Wednesday, December 21, 2022. 

In light of a very unique set of circumstances, the recommendation to change December 21, 2022 to a no school day for students (all students E-12) was approved by the School Board. This includes Pearson Early Learning Center, Saber Online, Tokata Learning Center and all K-12 schools.  Winter break will remain unchanged with no school for all E-12 students and staff December 22, 2022 - January 2, 2023. Pearson Early Learning Center’s no school day for students on December 16 will also remain unchanged. Activities, Athletics and Community Education classes will operate as normal on December 21. 

To assist families with childcare needs, the YMCA will adjust the start of their winter break K-5 child care programming to begin on December 21, rather than the previously scheduled December 22 start date. Additional details will be sent via email to families tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13 by 1pm. Details will include a YMCA registration link and information, SWMetro services and other applicable items.

This change allows for all students and staff who may wish to attend Doug Keddie’s Celebration of Life, that has been finalized by his family within the constraints of their situation and per his CaringBridge, on December 21 at 11am (Wooddale Church, 6630 Shady Oak Rd., Eden Prairie, MN).  As a Shakopee Public Schools educator since 2004, Mr. Keddie worked in multiple school buildings and in a district-wide capacity. 

We appreciate how staff continue to support students and each other during this difficult time as well as the support of YMCA, Palmer Bus Services and our greater community in this one-time school calendar adjustment.