XtraMath is a wonderful site to practice and track fluency.  Students can work their way through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division practice. 
    Usernames and passwords will be distributed by the classroom teachers.
    Freckle is an excellent sight to practice both math and language arts.  Students take a pretest to determine the level they should be 
                                           practicing.  They earn coins based on how often they practice and their accuracy.  
    Think Central is the home for our Math Expressions and Science Fusion curriculums.  Students can log in to review pages from the text, print off homework/remembering assignment pages, take assigned practice tests, and play content related games, conduct virtual labs, and much more.
    Usernames: FirstnameLastname.EC (example: JohnDoe.EC)
                                          Password: 6-digit ID
     KidBlog may be used in your classroom as a resource for sharing your thinking about the books you are reading. It's a great resource to practice writing respectful and insightful comments and responses to your peers.  Your teacher will provide further instruction on using KidBlog if you class elects to use it.  
    Reading Vocabulary: 
    Spelling City is a great site for practicing your Spelling Words.  Just type in your personal list and choose from a variety of the free games to practice your weekly words.
     Quizlet is a fantastic site for practicing from pre-made sets of flash cards.  You can even make your own!  This is the web program, but this resource is also available as an app for tablets and smart phones.
    homework help
    Third Grade Homework Helpers is a series of Math homework support videos that we have recorded for our curriculum.  Take a look and let us know if there is something we can add.
     Math Games    Math Games - Brain teasers, egames, extra practice for math


    Dance Mat Typing  is a program we can use to work on keyboarding skills.
    blast off
    Blast Off! (Nutrition)   Can you help create a balanced meal?