Welcome to Third Grade

  • *Welcome to 3rd Grade*

    We are excited for a fun year!
    The third grade teachers are Mrs. Pass, Mrs. Perron, and Mrs. Reinbold

    Red Folders  

    Red folders will come home on the first day of the week packed with all kinds of important information!  Please look through the information in the folders and return them to school the next school day. 

    BEE Binders & Planners

    Students will be using their 3-ring binders as round-trip folders.  The binders will have “homework” and “yours to keep” pockets.  Items on the “homework” side are assignments that need to be completed at home and returned to school the next school day.  Items on the “yours to keep” side are just that, yours to keep.  Graded assignments are returned in the “yours to keep” pocket. 

    Each student at Eagle Creek will receive a planner. The main purpose of planners is communication.  We write in them daily sharing what we learned in school that day.  Please check and sign your student’s planner every day.  Ask your student about his/her day at school. 

    Distance Day

    On your student’s distance day, they will be expected to attend a Morning Meeting. Our class Google Meets start at 10:15 am. Students will also have assignments on these days that will be posted in Seesaw and listed in their BEE Binder. They will also need to attend their specialists Google Meet at 11:20 am

    The codes for specialist and morning meeting Google Meets are: 

             Mrs. Pass’s Code: 3Pass         Mrs. Perron’s Code: 3AP       Mrs. Reinbold’s Code: 3RR


    In third grade, we encourage students to read 20 minutes each night, spend quality time with family, and come back to school well-rested and ready to learn.  


    We are excited to use i-pads for personalized learning at school and home. PLEASE make sure your child brings their i-pad to school each day fully charged as we will be using them daily! It is helpful to set up a routine each night of where and when your i-pad will be charged. 


    Our weekly newsletter will list important dates coming up and skills we are currently working on in each subject area.  Newsletters will be posted in Seesaw announcements by Monday morning.  


    We will be using Seesaw to communicate, share student work, complete classroom projects, and provide instruction on Distance Learning days.  Parents are expected to be connected to Seesaw. 


    Students may bring a nutritious snack to eat every day.  Please try to stay away from chip/cookie type snacks if possible.  Students will have a “working snack” during reading workshop.  Students will need to bring a reusable water bottle each day. (The drinking fountains in the classrooms will be turned off).

    Face Masks

    It is required by the state that students wear a face covering during the school day, unless they are eating and/or drinking. It is recommended that students wear a clean face mask daily. Students will be provided with a lanyard and a Ziploc bag to store their masks.

    Fix It Plan

    If a child makes an inappropriate choice, a “below the line” behavior, in either our classroom, or somewhere else in the building, they will be asked to fix it. The student will be responsible for developing an acceptable plan for correcting the problem caused.  If a student is struggling to come-up with a fix-it on her/his own, the student can request help developing a plan.  The fix it plan sheet helps identify better choices that can be made the next time they are in a similar situation. It is also a communication tool with home so you will be aware of any larger behavior concerns at school. 


    For safety of the Eagle Creek students and staff, visitors and volunteers will not be allowed in the building this year. If you are interested and available to help with at home projects, please contact your child’s teacher. 

    School Start/End Times

    For the 2020-2021 school year, school will start at 10:05 AM and end at 3:45 PM.  Students being dropped off before school, should arrive no earlier than 9:50 AM.  They are to wait outside of the school on a designated spot until the bell rings.  Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed to walk their children into the school.  We will have staff to help children into the building.

    Morning Arrival

    To ensure students’ health and safety, students will not be allowed to play on the playground or congregate outside when they arrive at school.  Students will go directly to their classroom whether they are dropped off by car on the upper level or bussing on the lower level.


    The Shakopee school district uses the Palmer Bus Company for all bus routes.  For any questions you may have about bus routes, times, drivers, etc, please call 952-445-1166.


  • Mrs. Amy Pass apass@shakopee.k12.mn.us  

    Mrs. Abbie Perron  aperron@shakopee.k12.mn.us 

    Mrs. Rachel Reinbold rreinbol@shakopee.k12.mn.us 


    Si usted tiene preguntas o le gustaría obtener más información sobre alguna de estas formas, por favor comuníquese con Lupita Reyes-Morales al 952-496-5730 y deje un mensaje. Se le regresara la llamada lo más pronto posible.  Gracias.


    Wixii war dheeraad ah Kala xidhiidha Aden Fithar Wakiilka Idman ee Soomaalida 952-496-5166.



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