• Where do I get an instrument?

    Please contact one of these music stores to get a quality instrument at a great cost!  You can order online, by phone, or on-site.  These instruments can be delivered directly to Eagle Creek along with all your supplies!

    Schmitt Music -

    Southdale Square

    2906 W. 66th St.

    Edina, MN 55423


    Groth Music -

    8056 Nicollet Ave. S

    Bloomington, MN 55420


    Eckroth Music -

    3065 Centre Pointe Dr., Suite 1

    Roseville, MN 55113



    What if I found the instrument online for a better price?

    Please do NOT purchase an instrument from Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist without speaking to me FIRST!

    no    Brands to AVOID   just dont   

    Allora, Ammoon, Antigua Winds, Benjamin Adams, D'Luca, Etude, Fever, Glory, Hawk, Herche, Hisonic, Jean Baptiste, Jean Paul, Kaizer, Lazarro, Legacy, Le'Var, L J Hutchen, Mendini, Merano, Mirage, Mugig, NeoTech, Nuvo, Prelude, Ravel, Windsor


    What if I already have an instrument?

    Please bring the instrument to school for me to inspect.  I can let you know if it will need any repairs.

     What else is needed to be in band?

    • A 1-year commitment to be in band
    • Reeds, a cleaning kit, sticks, or a mouthpiece (depending on the instrument)
    • A Music Stand